“Liquid” is a new trend in bob hair!

"liquid" bob

Bob “liquid” – does this expression confuse you? It sounds weird, we admit, but we have to tell you that this is really a metaphor, an expression that refers to well-groomed, healthy, shiny, smooth and completely smooth hair.

“Liquid” bob is another proof that the aesthetics of the hair segment have started to move from rebellious cuts and mixed styles (although they are still popular) to more glamorous ones. People are more and more willing to spend their time grooming and combing their hair. After all, why would we choose to relax when we can look so wonderful, and the “liquid” bob will allow us to do that.

What exactly is a “liquid” bean?

Very stylish hair is very smooth, shiny, silky, smooth and completely smooth, which means a synergy of three steps: hair cutting, proper care and styling. Some may even think he is a wig. Not without reason, because bob is “liquid” “makeup without makeup”!

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As the rise of skinimalism forced us to focus on our skin condition before we decided to put makeup on our face, in 2020 and 2021, many of us gave priority to the health of our hair. Accordingly, they increasingly practiced the application of various hair masks, as well as salon treatments that deeply nourish and nourish the hair. It is definitely the epilogue to everything that is much healthier and shinier hair. Hair experts say that this practice will continue in the future, and that the “liquid” bob will only spread. But in addition to cutting hair, it will be essential to maintain the health and shine of the hair, and it will certainly help with proper care and treatment, especially keratin.

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