Long gloves are a new fashion trend that suits all styles

long gloves

Long gloves were the first to be “stolen” by Carrie Bradshaw this year in the “Sex and the City” series, and soon the trend spread to street fashion. ”

We have long been accustomed to seeing large ladies’ shoes and boots in the summer, but the latest trends have surprised and delighted many at the same time. In other words, long “opera” gloves began to be used not only with formal dresses, but also with street fashion.

The former accepted this trend Bela Hadid i Julia Fox, and we can thank Carrie Bradshaw and the sequel to the “Sex and the City” series. Although Kerry wore a dazzling dress when she splashed Zverkin’s ashes in Paris, here are some ideas for fitting these gloves to your style. So let’s not borrow any more …

How to wear long gloves

Like a lady

As stylists anticipate that these gloves will also be used in the fall, we immediately present you with a look that will be a little cooler in the weather. You can wear these gloves for work, but also for business lunch. Women and style!

Perfect fashion detail

And if you don’t like women’s style, you can easily incorporate gloves like this with your personal style and you won’t go wrong.

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Spring fantasy

Combine long gloves with delicate spring dresses and attract attention wherever you appear.


Lace is very popular this season, and Sienna Miller knows that. Wear long lace gloves with a dress for a special occasion or dress them up in a casual style: jeans and a favorite toast.

The perfect accessory for young people

Along with the wedding dress, long gloves are essential. Whether you choose lace, tulle or satin, consider shaping your look for “D” day.

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