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Festive makeup

It doesn’t take a lot of holiday makeup to be perfect … We play a simple and effective card!

It’s true that some of us haven’t mastered applying eyeliner yet, but to those of you – congratulations, this is your season!

It’s time to relax and be bolder when it comes to eye makeup. At the very least, leave aside the classic black eyeliner and the adult colored ones. Our proposal – green!

Festive makeup – play with green eyeliner

Even if the first ball doesn’t look like your style, believe us, it looks better than it looks. Holiday parties and celebrations have already begun, albeit in more modest conditions, but they are still here! That’s why we have a great excuse to finally try all these trends that have finally knocked on our door.

Dua Lipa is ready for this look. He chose green lime, which he used to create a double line, combining it with the blue sky. With the rest of the makeup subtle, of course, with such a striking look in your eyes, you really don’t need anything else.

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In 2018, Kendal Jenner used a simple green line on her eyelids to celebrate the New Year, which made her eyes stand out more and match the top she was wearing at the time. It looks a little simpler, more subtle, but this bold one might be perfect for starting an eyeliner experiment.

Below are some of our favorite holiday makeup items.

Trainer: Lana Biželj
Source: ljepotaizdravlje.hr

lepotaizdravlje.rs@kendalljenner via Instagram

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