Love horoscope for September 18th and 19th: it’s time for drama!

What does the love horoscope for September 18 and 19 show us?

Sexy Mars entered the constellation Libra on September 14, which made relationships and love a top priority. However, this transition also increased the risk of passive attack – in the bedroom! Find out what this weekend brings to each of the signs below. Read your love horoscope for September 18th and 19th.

Love horoscope for September 18th and 19th


In positive ecstasy, you sometimes think it’s possible and easy to achieve. In a love life or in a relationship with a loved one, you act very energetically. You may hear positive comments about your appearance and behavior, or about situations where you have achieved a significant role. You like someone’s emotional affect and the attention you get. You have the desire to impose yourself in the company of someone and use attractive skills skillfully. You want an exciting love romance or a passionate relationship. Depending on your temperature and emotional state, respond to the opportunity offered to you. If you are in a love or marriage relationship, you are waiting for satisfaction with your loved one. There is no need to prove yourself on the other side unless you are unsure about the future of your relationship. If you are young or unmarried, be tactful enough, waiting for a new opportunity for love that will suddenly come.


You have a dynamic life and you often find yourself in interesting company. Pleasant emotions, signs of attention and tenderness give a positive boost to your mood. You want the most beautiful pleasure in your love life and in a relationship with a close person. The atmosphere of love, the honest exchange of emotions and the close relationship have a special “charm” that drives you to action. Everything is simple, when love cubes come together in a common image. If you like the sentimental note that your partner brings together in your life, moments of romance and passionate passion seem like a unique challenge. If you are young or single, you are looking forward to interesting contacts. You will shine a real glow in an romance with an unusual person. There’s no need to end your flirting with an exciting and elusive flirting, there’s always a “better part of reality” that shouldn’t be missed.


You act tense in a love affair, you don’t like the psychological pressure you feel, and you get angry at your partner’s behavior. Due to emotional insecurity, you need to check with your partner, trying to identify similarities and differences that take you away. Check your emotional doubts in time and take the initiative. If you’re single, someone will fascinate you with their attractive looks or unusual court style. You’re very attracted to the combination of an emotional, passionate, and intellectual connection, but the people in your company don’t have something like that. There’s no need to complicate your emotional relationship or set “strict conditions” that someone can’t meet.


If you are in a relationship: with a married or emotional partner, you can agree on everything that is important for your relationship to function without much difficulty. Although you may not be able to spend as much time with your partner as you want, the time you spend on other things will be useful for both of you, as it will bring you material benefits in the long run. You will need help and understanding from your loved one, who will not always be there when you need him, but at the most important moments your partner will be with you. You have to work towards common goals, because you will have favorable situations on that side, which will lead to a more harmonious relationship between the two.

If you’re single: it’s going to be hard for you to reach out to someone you’ve been attracted to for a long time, because you’re not sure how to position yourself and whether your performance will be successful. When you finally decide to do this, you will realize that this person is interested in someone else or has recently had a relationship. After that, you will find the destination of a person who is in love with you and will persecute you and try to convince you that he is the best partner for you. It will be too much for you, and not even a potential plaintiff will appeal to you.


Family challenges will largely occupy your attention in your private life. They will strike a balance between the couple and the family, but the relationship with the loved one will get a little stuck. They will stay home alone.


Some will recognize the most appropriate partner in a loved one. They will be a little confused, but they will also be ready for action. In addition, the need for tenderness and attention will become more and more serious. They have the right, therefore, to let their needs be expressed. Although your partner will offer you several options to spend your free time together, you will constantly complain about something. Some will blow in the cold and see every reason to worry. You need relaxation and joy.

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If you are in a relationship: you will be full of initiative and constantly moving, which will have a positive impact on your spouse or emotional partner. You will be able to add dynamics to the relationship and fill all the moments together. Your suggestions will be gladly accepted most of the time. Your partner will be left in your hands and will allow you to direct and launch joint activities, but be careful not to lose too much initiative. Let your partner take the lead from time to time, suggest the usual moments, take the lead. If you try to get in your way, there will be an unpleasant quarrel.

If you are single: you will start attracting people of other sex like magnets. You will act very charismatic, which will increase your popularity and create many opportunities for you to enter into a new emotional relationship. As your passion increases, it is likely that a fleeting adventure will occur before you decide on a person who would start a serious relationship with you. Be careful with bigger passions, because luck can fall in love with a person you won’t fall in love with.


You tend to experience frequent mood swings and slowly lose emotional control. You increase your emotional needs and subjectively assess your partner’s behavior. For the sake of mutual happiness, do everything necessary to fascinate the people close to you, do not let the lack of romance and tenderness. It’s a good sign of the emotional weakness or ecstasy you feel for a person, no matter what the harsh voice of reason. Pay special attention to each other’s happiness. If you are young or unmarried, you are waiting for interesting contacts and new acquaintances. Someone will fascinate you. Your winning combination is a combination of beautiful and useful things.


This weekend you are experiencing some idyllic moments, so to speak, with your loved one. Of course, you are happy and full, because the ordinary moments you experience with your loved one are special. You are in a relationship that is developing in the direction you have dreamed so far. There will be two pretty big words between you and big plans made. You feel that your future is bright with the person who is with you. However, if you are free, you feel a lot of pressure to change your situation. You will do everything to get to know this special person these days. However, the unwritten rule is that the more something you want and follow, the more you move forward. This rule will make you feel full on your skin. You should be calm and not think about what will happen. Enjoy spontaneous communication, as well as leagues, that don’t have to go anywhere.


Your emotional ecstasy is in a downward phase. At the moment, you don’t even think about love, and you see your partner as a friend. It’s interesting that none of you care at least. You have both accepted your relationship as something or more that is considered normal. However, this is a very dangerous situation because you can inadvertently connect with someone who doesn’t fit in at all as a person and as a partner. Despite focusing on many other issues in life, you should not fall in love with the situation by chance. It would be good to talk to your partner these days about how you see your relationship in the future.

Only people are in a similar situation. You don’t think about love. No one and nothing moves you. Drive the basic instincts. One night you are with one partner, and tomorrow with another. Worst of all, you don’t see anything wrong with that either, so you don’t do anything to change the situation.


You feel great emotional ecstasy and satisfaction in the company of a loved one. You have the desire to be someone’s behavior and liking it in many different ways. Emotional ecstasy needs to be controlled sometimes by paying attention to someone’s comments. It all makes sense if there is mutual agreement and good will. Accept the real picture in a love relationship. Dealing with the truth is reassuring and heralds a good start. If you are young or unmarried, you are waiting for interesting contacts and new acquaintances. Someone will fascinate you with their look and behavior style. There is no reason to treat your loved one harshly. Encourage yourself to express repressed feelings or intentions. Pay special attention to each other’s happiness.


For you, it is a happy time for a love life. But this is also a good time for self-analysis and in-depth study, and these are relationship problems that are harder to understand. Some of you will focus on exploring spiritual or cultural issues, seeking and discovering the truth in pairs, and, why not, getting to know the world together through the “kingdom of love and the worlds”. It can be about distant loves, about a love story with someone who lives on the other side of the world, or just on a romantic trip as a couple.

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