Love Weekend Horoscope for January 29th and 30th: Overcome Your First Love

Love Weekend Horoscope for January 29th and 30th

The love weekend horoscope for January 29th and 30th brings an interesting period of love for Scorpios, and the grief of Pisces.

Love Weekend Horoscope for January 29th and 30th


Good news for you! Now is the time to overcome your former love. The stars are perfectly shaped, which means that you will be very attractive to the opposite sex. So don’t waste your time and energy on the former, but focus on the new happiness in your life. The love weekend horoscope for January 29th and 30th advises you to be careful not to fall in love too much. Romances at work are also possible. Signs of a possible serious relationship: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus. Bypass: Libra, Aries, Gemini.


You feel emotional ecstasy and great satisfaction in the company of a loved one. You enjoy someone’s behavior and willingness to please you in different ways. Emotional ecstasy sometimes needs to be controlled, paying attention to someone’s comments. It all makes real sense if there is mutual agreement and good will. Accept the real picture in a love affair. Dealing with the truth is a relief and heralds a good start. If you are young or unmarried, you are waiting for interesting contacts and new acquaintances. Someone will fascinate you with their appearance and style of conduct. There is no reason to treat your loved one too harshly. Feel free to express your repressed feelings or intentions. Pay attention to a special gesture in favor of mutual happiness.


If you have to make an important decision about your emotional life, it is best to wait patiently and leave things as they are at the moment. The stars aren’t good enough for you, so your intentions may go “wrong” or your wishes may not come true. A little patience and more understanding and thinking will tell you when is the best time to implement them.


Those on the journey can experience the love of their dreams. Those who don’t travel will exchange nice ideas with the other party. They will build trust in relationships, and unmarried people will tend to seek only their ideal. Nothing else will come into play.


If you are in a relationship: you can agree with your spouse or emotional partner on everything that is important to make your relationship work without much difficulty. Although you may not be able to spend as much time with your partner as you would like, you will be able to spend a lot of time on other things. You will need the help and understanding of your loved one, which you will not always find when you need it, but at the most important moments your partner will be with you. You have to work towards common goals, because you will have a favorable situation in this regard, which will help you to achieve a more harmonious relationship between the two.
If you are unmarried: It will be difficult for you to approach someone who has been attracted to you for a long time, because you are not sure how to position yourself and your performance will be successful. When you finally decide to do this, you will find that this person is interested in someone else or has recently entered into a relationship. After that, you will find yourself in the company of someone who is in love with you and will persecute you and try to convince you that you are the ideal partner. It will be too much for you, and not even a potential fan will attract you.


Don’t be fooled, if there is a lover of power and influence, it is you. Attention and public appearances are another matter. Seducing or hypnotizing the masses is another hidden gift of yours. You will be very sensitive to the energy of others and will skillfully avoid meetings or social interactions that do not suit you. You cynically expect despair, but the age of miracles will not rule you out. The basic message is that optimism opens new doors for you. Enjoy the realm of love and love.

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Luckily, the combination of new events brings you the most beautiful pleasure in your love life or in a relationship with someone close to you. Easier than usual, you get someone’s attention, the atmosphere of love and positive emotions brings new passions and warm colors to your mood. You enjoy the interest or attention you receive in the company of acquaintances. You have a good feeling, you want a new love affair, a passionate or exciting relationship. Depending on your temperament, you may or may not be challenged by certain people. If you are in a love affair, try to make your loved one happy. Sometimes it’s easy to fulfill someone’s wishes and hopes if you don’t forget the most true and beautiful values ​​that bring you closer in a love affair.


This is a very interesting time. A lot of beautiful events await you, especially when it comes to free people. It is very likely that some friendships will turn into love, and you are also waiting for interesting acquaintances through friends. So don’t be too tight and enjoy the waves of joy and love. Also, now is a good time to try all the charms of blind meetings, if you plan to do something you wouldn’t do otherwise. The love weekend horoscope for January 29th and 30th advises you to communicate your feelings clearly so that some of your hurt friends may not think you want something more, as it can jeopardize your relationship. The busy members of this sign will be divided between the fact that you need to be a serious and responsible partner and that you want to relax and have fun. If you’re not ready for a more serious relationship, tell your partner. An honest and open conversation is very important and only then will you be able to save your relationship.


You play a tense relationship in a love affair, you dislike the psychological pressure you feel, and you get angry at your partner’s behavior. Because of your emotional security, you need to check with your partner to try to identify the similarities and differences that keep you away. Check your emotional doubts in time and take the initiative. If you are single, someone will charm you with their attractive appearance or unusual courtship style. The combination of emotional, passionate and intellectual connection is very appealing to you, but the person in your company is not like that. There’s no need to complicate your emotional relationship or impose “strict conditions” that someone can’t meet.


Someone constantly persuades you to accept a new solution or compromise, but you question the positive side of someone’s story. You don’t like it when someone puts psychological pressure on you and upsets your partner’s behavior. You get the impression that your loved one is skillfully using the “detour” to achieve their intentions, which further fuels your emotional distress. When solving love dilemmas, good will, tenderness, or attention are the best answers to the many pitfalls of living together. Love in love must be nurtured carefully, without mutual honesty and exchange of feelings, it loses strength and meaning. Think in a positive direction and don’t let new charms and “small” emotional pleasures encourage you. If you are young or unmarried, accept someone’s courtship and respond to “signs of love.”


If you are free, prepare for the new temptations of love. You may know someone at work, or at work, who will catch you at first glance and literally leave you breathless. Because of differences in upbringing, education, or social status, problems are possible at first because you will hide your insecurity through temperamental behavior and by imposing your opinions aggressively. Be careful not to distract the person with this behavior before starting anything with them. Luckily, the stars are on your side, so when you narrow down your “experience” a bit, your relationship will harmonize, and you’ll feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. If you are in a relationship, you will need to strike a balance between your partner and your parents, as they will not be satisfied with your choice. For those who are married, family pressure and responsibilities may seem unbearable. Don’t worry, it will pass. Don’t make hasty decisions.


You don’t feel like it this week because your partner is showing a lot of nervousness, so fights are possible. Try to adapt to this situation, as your partner may have serious problems, so try to control yourself so that you do not say something wrong and make the situation worse. This week is by no means a good one. Bad days are Tuesday and the whole weekend.

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