L&Z interlocutors demonstrate the right beauty protocol

to make the skin anywhere

For a moving skin, a special care regime is required to maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Women who work the same way outside in the winter (as in the summer) know this, and soak their skin in the cold, both red and strong winds!

For skin anywhere: 3 effective care regimens


ENA JOVIĆ, make-up artist and passionate lover of skiing and surfing

My skin type is very oily, so it needs to be maintained regularly. I use retinol, especially during the colder times of the year. Even though my skin is oily, I moisturize regularly. For me, there is no “rest” from preparation, it is considered normal for daily care.

BASIC In the morning, after cleansing, I use a serum with a combination of niacinamide and zinc. Then I apply Clinic Cream with 25 SPF. Every time I put on my make-up, I also use a make-up remover balm or make-up remover oil, and then I wash my face, and I often apply an additional skin cleanser through the mycelium. water, if necessary. I use Retinola serum every night, then I apply a niacinamide-based moisturizer.

SUN AND SNOW What’s common in summer and winter, when I’m out in the sun or in the snow, is to keep retinola out of care and to include a cream with a strong protective factor of 50. As for staying in the snow and strong wind, then I use it. cream with a richer texture – slightly greasy to make a barrier against the wind. My favorite is a cream from a well-known brand La Mer.

NEGA PLUS In addition to moisturizers, I include them Nuxe lip balm, and I often apply it on the nose – this part of the skin in winter is more sensitive because of the frequent use of the fabrics.

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DEJANA STEFANOVIĆ, footballer and member of the women’s national football team

I have never had any problems with pimples, acne or similar changes on my face, not as a teenager, not later in my career. I believe that now my healthy eating helps a lot in that quality, I constantly receive praise because my face is clean and well cared for. As a professional football player, as I train outside in all weather conditions, I take great care to take care of my face. I currently live in Norway, where I have been exposed to low temperatures for most of the year, so my skin, which is otherwise dry, now cracks very often. I have tried several preparations, but I always return to the French brand La Roche-Posay.

BASIC I always start washing with cold water in the morning La Roche-Posay Effaclar Facial cleansing gel, then I apply La Roche-Posay Intensive Nutrition dry skin care cream. After training, I repeat the process. I use moisturizing masks before going to bed.

SUN AND SNOW When my skin is exposed to the sun, especially in the summer, I never leave home without sunscreen. The important thing for me is that this cream needs to have a light and moisturizing texture because in my case it involves sweating hard physical activity on a daily basis, so the skin on my face does not support “heavy” creams with a greasy structure.

NEGA PLUS I am in favor of natural preparations and often make masks with honey and lemon or other ingredients.


IVONA TOT, mountain guide

My skin tends to be dry, so wind and other weather conditions can have consequences if I don’t give it my all. This means carrying a larger kit for hiking, especially if the expedition lasts several days.

BASIC I put my trust in him Vichy. I choose to wash my face Vichy Purete Thermale gel, after which I apply their booster Mineral 89then a day cream Slow Age. I repeat the same thing in the evening, but then I put on the serum Liftactiv Supreme and night Slow Age cream. Sometimes I change my routine Vichy the facial lines I take Laline mask with 24 carat gold and their cream with argan oil, or Spanish cream Germaine de Capuccinias well as homemade masks.

SUN AND SNOW When I go to the mountains, I also apply a cream with a 50+ protection factor Vichy. Protection is especially needed when the sun and snow cover are combined, reflecting the sun’s radiation, which can significantly improve the effect of UV rays. I use it for face peeling Ziaja acai baia peeling, and to protect the lips Eucerin coconut oil stick SPF 15. If the skin is rough and dry due to the cold, coconut oil helps Ecozoneas well as a mask with sour cream, honey and a little argan oil – it has been shown to restore the skin of the face and neck.

NEGA PLUS I go for light therapy with facial cleansing treatments, mesoporation, vacuum massage, lifting radio waves and an ice mask. The hand cream also works with me all the time. I am currently using a cream Ahava With Dead Sea Minerals, I received it as a gift from an Israeli friend. I choose the body The hut shower with oil and then apply Q10 level cream, Byfasea or Ziaja Body milk. I use it a lot in the winter Jonson’s baby oil that I apply on wet skin. I go to a relaxing massage twice a month.


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