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Have you ever wondered what our skin care regimen is like? We are therefore determined to find out what the cosmetic rules are based on beauty trainers, dermatovenerologists and cosmetic medicine specialists.

Beauty Expert Diaries – Morning to Evening …

The key is consistency!

Milica Jevtić, actress and Pro Beauty Trainer, milicajevtic.com

Photo: Vladimir Miladinovic Piki

“There are no ugly women, only the lazy ones!” And it doesn’t matter how much your care costs, but the most important thing is to be regular, without any excuses, ”says Milica, the first Milica to open her beauty routine diary.


Every morning, for over 20 years, I start with a glass of warm water with lemon. This ritual is a real salvation for my skin, because it has such a cleansing effect on the inside that all the preparations I put on my face (and there are many) have a better effect. Since I discovered the magic of two-phase facial cleansing about ten years ago and accepted the steps of a well-known Korean care routine, my morning regimen begins like this: I massage my face with balm or cleansing oil, remove impurities with a heat. towel, then wash with foam or gel. I’m often told that I’m overdoing it, that two-phase cleansing isn’t necessary in the morning when we don’t have makeup on our face, but — I don’t give up because I notice the benefits and only say it next to me. when the skin is cleansed, it makes sense to apply the products and expect results. Otherwise, everything is just a waste of money and time. After cleansing, I apply a moisturizing tonic, then essence, serum, eye cream and face cream. By the end, there is an SPF preparation and without it I would never have left home. Depending on the season, I exclude or reduce some steps, but SPF is essential.


My daily makeup has a light liquid powder, a little concealer, blush and lipstick. The older I get, the less I put on makeup, and the more I massage and massage her face, so the massages have become a real fetish for me. During the day, especially in the summer, I moisturize my face with thermal water and renew my SPF. With the new SPF variants in the form of fog, everything is easier and there is no excuse. Occasionally I go for a nice treatment with Dr. Jelena Aesthetics or Dr. Nevenka. I notice that the results of their work last for the full and regular attention I pay at home.


The first step in my evening routine is to wash my face again with balm. If I have any traces of makeup on my face, I cover it with micellar water and then wash it off with foam or gel again. The main difference in the evening routine is that in the evening, after cleansing, I use an acidic tonic, without which I can’t imagine effective care. Then again essence or booster, serum, eye cream, as well as night cream.

Healthy and beautiful skin requires time and dedication

Spec. dr med. Jovana Majstorović, dermatovenerologist, @drjovana_derma

Each period of the year requires adapting your care routine to both external factors and skin needs. A colder period of the year requires more hydration, but in addition, we must not forget that creams with SPF factor are essential throughout the year. For me, the ideal care routine is an individual thing. Each skin needs special treatment depending on its current condition, when we want to correct some irregularities, or when we want to take some preventive steps to take care of its health and beauty.


I like to start with a moisturizing morning wash, and then apply a serum based on vitamin C, which, in addition to its antioxidant properties, helps fight blemishes, but also strengthens collagen synthesis. The last step is a moisturizer with a protective factor. In general, I try to avoid dust. When I need them, I use a tinted cream.


During the day, I use thermal water spray several times. When the skin is well absorbed, I reapply the moisturizer with the SPF factor.


In the evening, I mostly practiced the double-cleansing method, especially when my face was under makeup. First I use oil to remove makeup, then the sink. I get retinol-based creams every other night, and serums and moisturizers based on hyaluronic acid are essential every night. Of course, I don’t forget to put Vaseline on my lips so they can hydrate and nourish me. My motto is: Healthy and beautiful skin requires time and dedication. I always advise that it is better to use a smaller number of products, but constantly, without tracking more than one of them. It should be noted that many products can react with each other, so it is important to take care of this when you combine them. In addition to proper care, the skin is a reflection of the health of the whole organism, so it is necessary to have a balanced diet, good sleep, but also to reduce stress.

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Synergy of home and professional care – for the most effective results

Natasa Burka, a professional specialist in aesthetic medicine, sensiskinstudio.com

Photo: Slavica Trivković

With many years of professional skin care, I hope to have a perfect beauty routine. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as my main focus is on trying out new products, as well as choosing the right combination of skin care products. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorites, and I go back to them. The preparations I use are always professional brands, along the lines of home care. And here’s how they are arranged in my beauty planner …


I start cleaning up the day as the most important step in care. With that, I want to remove the remnants of the cream I applied the night before, as well as everything that my body was expelling from the skin during the night. I use it to clean Sensi Skin Cosmetics Soft room, aimed at sensitive skin, regenerating and hydrating. After that, I use it Dr. Schrammek Cosmetic Herbal Care tonic, to restore the pH value of the mixed skin during cleansing and to accelerate the deeper penetration of the active ingredients of the cream. Then it’s your turn Diego Dalla Palma Age Cream SPF 30 with double action. As it is a nourishing anti-aging cream with UVA, UVB and IR protection, I get very active care and protection in one step.


A few hours after finishing these steps, I apply BB dye cream. Dr. Schrammek Cosmetics Blamish Balm it is a real balm. It nourishes my skin and, at the same time, flattens my skin and is a great base for everyday makeup. They are also a great option Diego Dalla Palma Color Therapy powders, because they have no comedogenic effect and do not cause clogging of the pores, which is important because I spend most of the day under a mask.


In the end, I dedicate a little more to the skin. Then I practice two-step cleaning. First of all, I use a two-phase make-up – I think we all need a product that removes all impurities from the skin – intentionally and unintentionally applied – some of them soluble in oil and others soluble in water. so the catcher of two-phase mice. I choose that brand Diego dalla Palma. Only after that is the cleaning more accurate Sensi Skin Cosmetics Soft gel. The next step involves use Dr. Schrammek Cosmetic Herbal Care Tonic for calming, hydrating and regulating pH. Then comes the serum Diego Dalla Palma Whitelight Vitamin C with 10% and Diego Dalla Palma Eye and Lip Softening Cream for the eye area and around the lips. The epilogue to my evening routine is definitely cream Diego Dalla Palma Fillift Remodeling Lifting 24h – My favorite because of the peptide in the composition. I must point out that this care regime would not have had the greatest impact if it had not been accompanied by regular professional care on a monthly basis.

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