Make-up with beets and bananas is TikTok’s latest trend

Make-up with beets and bananas is a new trend that has appeared on social media. Would you try it?

Sustainability as an idea began to spread to every pore of our society. So today, in addition to food, packaging, products, more sustainable packaging, we also have sustainable fashion, but also makeup products. The goal, of course, is to save our planet.

In this sense, somewhere in addition to love for animals, a vegan movement of cosmetics and beauty has emerged. They are products that contain only natural preparations, without ingredients of animal origin. With all this, the idea, of course, is to stop animal inheritance. Therefore, they ensure that all these vegan products are not tested on animals.

From all of the above, we are clear that sustainability and veganism are becoming more and more prevalent in the world of makeup. If so, social media influencers have come up with ways to beautify themselves in a completely natural way.

Makeup with beets and bananas

As we already know, before the first beauty products appeared, our ancestors used various aids to beautify themselves. Red petals (usually pink) were used for blush and lipstick, while charcoal was used to draw eyes. Nowadays, it seems, ladies are choosing similar decorating tools.

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In other words, a new make-up trend has appeared on social media, and all we need is a fresh beet, a banana and a lighter one.

Cut the beets and use half of them as red, lipstick and eye shadow, gently rubbing a piece of the beet on the cheeks, lips or eyes.

As for the banana, you need to cut the top off a bit, light it with a lighter, and then draw your eyes with the burnt top, like an eyeliner. You can also use the top of a banana as a lipstick.

See how it can be in the footage below.

@feliciamaariemakeup using a banana to make your eyeliner ?! @molchanovamua #beautyhacks #makeuphacks #beautyreview #viralmakeup ♬ original sound – felicia marie

Experts say that this form of makeup is not harmful. As beetroot is rich in vitamin C, it has a beneficial effect on skin health. It doesn’t cost us anything to try this trend, does it?

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