Make yourself the perfect nail design for this season

diy winter manicure

DIY for this season is a simple, effective and striking winter manicure. Here’s how to freshen up your nail design.

Winter is slowly approaching us, and the holiday mood is waking up. Gradually we start thinking about Christmas trees, decorations, lamps … And if you really like this time of year, you are definitely thinking about how to dress, make up and do a manicure for the coming holidays.

For this winter season, the stylist recommends a bright manicure, milk, snow colors and nail art. And you can get that at home. Here’s how!

DIY winter manicure

Ombre with sequins

  1. Apply nails with a transparent base. Then spread the desired color over it.
  2. Apply sequin nail polish in the middle of the finger, focusing on the tip of the nail.
  3. When it dries, apply another layer.


  1. Spread the base layer and let it dry.
  2. Then choose three colors and apply horizontally from the tip of the nail to the root.
  3. When it dries, reapply the base layer.

Reverse French manicure

  1. After applying the base cover, use a brush (or toothpick) to draw a horizontal line at the end of the nail.
  2. When dry, apply a base coat. This manicure stretches the nail plate itself and is very effective.

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Metallic French manicure

  1. After applying the base layer, apply metallic paint to the top of the nail.
  2. Apply the base layer and let it dry.

Half Moon

  1. Once you have applied the base coat, do a classic French manicure with the shade you want.
  2. Then stretch the line from the tip of the nail to the error.
  3. Cover the base cover.

Reverse moon

  1. After applying the base layer, brush the root of the finger with a brush, in the shape of the moon.
  2. Then apply the base layer again. Arra Vais / iStock via Getty Images

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