Marija Rakazovic has some great suggestions


Prom and graduation night makeup is the crown of style. “When choosing her, let your sensibility serve as a guide, but also the chosen outfits, hairstyles and accessories,” says makeup artist Marija Rakazović, who helps you successfully complete this task.


Here are two important tips:

  • Whatever your choice, do not miss the basic beauty step – facial care, without which makeup will look perfect.
  • Come to the makeup studio with eyebrows and earrings already arranged. It is advisable to do this two or three days in advance to give the skin enough time to calm down (of course, if there is irritation – redness).


The natural look is perfect for all those who don’t prefer firmer makeup, artificial eyelashes or bright lipsticks. To achieve this, you will need a liquid foundation, a fixing powder, as well as a powder shaper for mascara, lighteners and nude shades of lipstick. It is recommended to apply blush – to keep your face fresh and rested.

You can also choose this look if your clothes and jewelry are more effective (See next photo!).

As for a small graduation, the natural look is also my warm recommendation.


This look is a good choice for all lovers of more natural makeup, focusing on the eyes here. To create it, in addition to turning off the covers with earth tones, you need to draw your eyes with a pencil, draw an eyeliner and add artificial eyelashes. Mark your lips with a pencil, and then apply the lipstick in nude shades and lip gloss.


If you decide to complete your makeup with red lipstick, wear a combination of red clothes, choose lipsticks that will be the same or similar shades. The eyes can also be more prominent (as in the previous photo) – for a more elegant look. Of course, you can also opt for softer eye makeup so that the accent stays on the red lips (as in the next photo).

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For all those who like to emphasize the eyes, my advice is to emphasize the eye line. The rest of the eyelids can be surrounded with a light brown shade, and a bright shadow or illuminator can be applied under the lower arch of the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye. A pencil of any color can be placed on the bottom line of the eye (this is because you can match it with your chosen clothing combination). Of course, some models of mascara and 3D lashes will perfectly complement the story.

If you don’t have enough space to draw or draw an eyeliner (in the case of eyelashes), you can always draw an eyeliner from the root of the eyelashes, and blend its end to match the darkest shadow in the outer corner. of the eye. Apply shine or bright shadow on the moving part of the eyelid to make it look more open.


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