Mars of Capricorn marks the time for the fulfillment of desires and goals

Mars in Capricorn

Mars of Capricorn will arrive on January 24th, and here’s what we’re preparing for this position next time.

Mars is a planet that regulates our ambition with motivation, but also with sexual vitality. Mars is a planet of fire, and when it is on the sign of Capricorn on Earth, it makes us want to move forward and achieve our goals.

Mars in Capricorn 2022

This year will be a great start for most members of the Zodiac. In fact, the planet Mars in the sign of Capricorn will move us forward, which gives us a positive start to both business and private segments of life.

This position of the planet of fire represents positive and properly focused energy for intentions and desires. We are aware of the real opportunities ahead, and we are more effective in making them work. During this period, our focus will be on the acquisition of labor and material wealth. And since this is a good time for business, our financial situation is likely to improve.

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In addition to its trajectory, this position of Mars also affects the love segment of each of us. During this time, sexual desire will be emphasized. But at the same time, we can be safer and question the feelings of our partners. There may be quarrels and melancholy, but each storm lasts. So you don’t have to worry much. During this time, we will also pay more attention to authority, family values ​​and tradition.

Mars of Capricorn brings us confidence and vitality. The locksmith’s spirit, work motivation and fulfillment of business duties will also be emphasized. Ambition and a desire for success will be well shown, so most of the signs of the Zodiac expect success in business.

We will be more optimistic, passionate, and courageous in both work and love. We can achieve everything we can imagine at this time. So in the end, the advice is: be careful what you want!

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