Mars Pisces: Try not to be careless!

From April 15, Mars comes to us in Pisces in the astrological sky, and what does that really mean?

Mars is the real motivator of the zodiac – it promises action, energy, aggression, but also libido. The next time, Mars becomes a sign of Pisces. The water signs (Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer) are the best and match Mars, but that doesn’t mean everything will be perfect.

Mars in Pisces

Pisces is the most emotional sign of the horoscope. In this sign, Mars leads us to react to the feelings we receive on the other side and to the atmosphere and energy. In translation, we will not take anything logical as an option.

It is also known that changing Pisces changes your mood. The influence of Pisces at this time makes us more intuitive and sensitive. Mars in Ruby will make us more empathetic and connect us to people on a deeper level. Mars is stubborn, but when he’s in Pisces, he advises us, “Have mercy on those around you and help, be kind.”

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On a more personal level, this position of Mars appreciates our feelings and our relationship with our hopes, desires, and dreams, even if they are realistic. Sex has a deeper meaning at this time, whether you are busy or alone. That is why we have an erotic and sensual experience.

Although the energy of Pisces will never force us to incoherence, mood swings and irritability bring us to Mars. During this time you can see the good and the bad. So take advantage of the good ones, because when the bad ones come, the real storm of emotions arrives. Pay special attention to the reactions, because Mars is attacking us. So stop and think before you say or do anything.

Appreciate your feelings and open your heart to others and weigh your wildest fantasies. That’s the advice for this period.

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