Meet Jessica Chastain: A versatile actress without fear

meet Jessica Chastain

Meet Jessica Chastain – a very versatile person who advocates for women’s equality and joins her colleagues … That’s why we chose to be on the cover of the March print edition. .

Jessica Chastain has many talents and loves to develop them. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. First of all, there is the play, of course. We saw it in a miniseries last year Wedding scenes Based on the work of Swedish cult director and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman. He was nominated for this role Golden Globeas for the role of the film Tammy Fay’s eyes – About the angel Theme Faye Becker. And earlier this year, he landed in theaters in a spy thriller 355He plays alongside stars like Penelope Cruz, Lupita Njongo, Diana Kruger and Fan Bingbing.

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Meet Jessica Chastain

But you may not know that Jessica is also a former dancer, a trained vegan cook, and the founder of a production company. Freckle Films, which has advanced business ideas. For example, in an interview with a magazine Gotham he discovered that he had an idea for the project 355 he first appeared on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival a few years ago.

I watched some fantastic action movies mainly with a male actor and I asked him “why aren’t films like this made with women as well”. Some, of course, do exist, but they are not taken seriously enough … Most of them have elements of comedy, he says.

I realized that if I put together a group of actors, big stars from all over the world – we can raise money and own the movie. To be fully responsible for it, he says.

I wanted to change the way I look at women in terms of age and skills in filmmaking. In the past, in many films, the actors seemed to be props, not characters who make decisions and start acting. 355 it’s a kind of protest against the way cinema is made today.

Jessica’s position as a producer was used by members of the 355 film crew to ensure equal pay, fair working hours, and special babysitting trailers on the set.

What other principles of life help him to maintain optimism in difficult times and to make the world around him a better place to live?

Encourage positive change

I want to use all platforms they gave me the help of someone who doesn’t have that platform, but deserves help, he stressed in an interview with the magazine. Form.

I have always felt irresponsible allow others to be ignored, harassed or not heard. I don’t want to live in a world like this. I started acting by choosing projects that would allow me to study the experiences I wanted to live personally or the ones that would help me grow as an artist. At one point, I felt I had to be more socially responsible for my chosen projects. This does not mean that all the films I have made are great or good, but it does mean that I try to highlight and clarify certain issues related to bad ideas and stereotypes.

One of these stereotypes that Jessica is very passionate about is the question of the role women play in modern society.

Breaking gender stereotypes

A reinterpretation of the A series Wedding scenes what made it so interesting is that it replaced the roles of the couple in comparison to the original of the seventies.

The wedding scenes of the seventies were truly amazing because they honestly represented the organization of the marriage: it clearly shows the role of women and men of the time, ”she said in an interview with the magazine. Official.

When we started working on the new version, we asked ourselves: Okay, what can we say about marriage today? What is feminine and what is masculine principle; what mother means and what father means; how have gender role expectations changed? It’s time to start realizing that women are carnal, have desires, and are as complicated as men. Sometimes men do wrong and selfish things, but sometimes women do. That is what makes us all human.

Be an example to others

For the role of the film 355 Jessica did some arm training, as well as some hard physical training; he even refused to be replaced by a stuntman in some dangerous scenes.
I jumped out of the buildinghe said in an interview with the magazine Gotham.

I’ve always wanted to do something like thisa, but I didn’t know exactly what he meant. They wanted to stop me, but I said, “I want to try.” We started to climb, and when we got to where I thought I was going to jump, we passed and continued uphill. When we finally arrived – we were at a much higher altitude than I expected. Sure, I wore a seat belt and tied it with a cable, but I think the technicians told me they were scared because they told me, “You don’t have to do this.” However, when I looked around I saw the whole group staring at me and waiting for me. I had no choice but to answer, “It’s over now. I’m jumping.” I didn’t want to disappoint the team. I ran and jumped, thinking the rope would be there to protect me … because it was a leap into the unknown. The ultimate proof of trust.

Exercising gives him confidence

In the fortiesI was working Torches Isaac Boots (@icaacboots) is training with his 80-year-old grandmother, he said in an interview with the magazine. Form.

At this crazy time, practice with your grandmother every morning it was like a breath of common sense to me. My grandmother helped me a lot to be regular. Now back to filming, Isaac’s exercise system is practiced several times a week and combined with online power yoga exercises several times a week. He says that helps clean his head.

Exercising gives me confidence. That’s the feeling when I have every right to be proud of myself. The hardest part for me is getting there: finding the right time and space and ignoring the feeling that I have to do a million other things. But that’s why I feel after training a superhero. Exercise reminds you that you can do more than you think: when you are in a certain yoga position or on a board, when your muscles are shaking, you think “I’m going to let go” but you will gather strength and last for the next one. minute.

A vegan who loves to cook

Although she rarely talks about her family, she occasionally mentions some details, such as that her mother-in-law does not understand veganism. In an interview with host Jimmy Kimmel, Jessica, who has been eating vegan for more than a decade, jokingly said what her mother-in-law had initially emphasized: “sorrybut I’m vegan, so I can’t eat that, “and his mother-in-law would answer.No problemwe also have fish ”.

In an interview with the magazine W he discovered that he had a problem with high cholesterol at the end of twenty years, which is why the doctor wanted to prescribe medication. However, a friend gave him a two-week vegan food delivery program.

I had no intention of being vegan after those two weeks. I went to a restaurant and asked for fish and risotto, but I got sick right away, so I said, “Okay, from now on I’m listening to what my body is telling me.” And that’s just the way food should be eaten.

Although he is very dedicated to making his characters as realistic as possible, he does not eat meat for paper. In the famous movie scene Maids (2011), in a role nominated for an Oscar, ate a fake chicken. But veganism does not mean that his diet is monotonous, because the actor loves cooking.

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I attended Natural Gourmet Institute He was in New York in 2012 and underwent an intensive training program to prepare vegan dishes, he said in an interview with the magazine. Form.

I like making soups in the winter, soups and anything baked in the oven. I also believe that food is also our medicine.

The search for peace and focus

I don’t want anyone to misinterpret this or doing anything that is not healthy for me, but it is very important for me to fast one day a week, he said in an interview. Form.

I chose to fast every Monday – I only drink green juices that day. I like to start the week slowly, listening to what’s going on in my head. I give myself time to clear my thoughts and allow my body to recover. Juan Naharro Gimenez / Stringer via Getty Entertainment

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