Myths about fruit consumption: We solve the 5 most common questions

Myths about fruit consumption

Myths about fruit consumption have been around for a long time, and the most common dilemma is when is the best time to eat. Here is what science says.

Every expert will advise us the same: we should eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible during the day. But now that there are so many tips, each of us has at least one dilemma. What are the best times to eat fruit during the day? And we finally decided to give the answers.

Myths about fruit consumption

Myth 1: Fruit on an empty stomach

This myth says that it is better to eat fruit on an empty stomach, otherwise the fruit slows down digestion, causing gas and stomach pain.

Although fiber can slow down the digestion of other foods, the rest of the claims are wrong. Fruit can slow down the work of the stomach, but it does not cause complete disruption of digestion. However, slowing down digestion alone is trivial and does not affect our health in any way.

Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that eating on an empty stomach causes inflammation, gas, and / or diarrhea.

Myth 2: Eating fruit before or after a meal reduces the nutritional value of the fruit

This myth somehow continues with the first proclamation. The human body is made to use all the nutritional values ​​of food. When we eat, the stomach acts as a deposit and releases small amounts of digested food into the intestines to make food easier to digest.

The small intestine absorbs as much nutrients as possible. And with a length of about 6 meters, it has enough space and time to absorb everything, regardless of when we brought any food.

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Myth 3: Diabetes and Fruit

This myth is that people with diabetes should eat fruit an hour before, two hours before, or after a meal. In this way, they are able to prevent digestive problems.

However, this is far from the truth. The advice is to combine fruit with a meal or snack. Consuming fruits along with protein, fiber or fat helps the stomach release a smaller amount of food that is digested in the stomach. As a result, less sugar is released, which is especially important for people with diabetes.

It is also important to know which fruits you eat, as fruits with a higher sugar content raise your blood sugar levels.

Myth 4: The best time to eat fruit is in the morning

Some online sources say that foods rich in sugars, such as fruits, increase blood sugar levels and “wake up” the digestive tract. Therefore, we do not go hungry during the day. However, in addition to providing the body with energy and nutritional values, there is no particular benefit from consuming the fruit in the morning. There is no need to wake up the digestive tract at any time of the day. That is, he is always ready for action, with the first bite.

Myth 5: No fruit is eaten from 2 p.m.

This myth says that when we eat fruit from 2pm onwards we raise our blood sugar level before going to bed, which destabilizes and awakens us. In addition, high sugar levels cause fattening.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. The changes in the body when we eat fruit are so small that they do not affect our sleep quality or our body weight.

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