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Cosmetics DEVI was created to supply the skin with quality natural and active ingredients – from rose oil to stem cells, in maximum quantities and in light formulations, especially gels and balms.

Cosmetics DEVI, which makes up our series Brand Stories, the epilogue is a long-term love of herbal medicine and natural ingredients. In addition, it responds to the need to offer an alternative to mass-produced cosmetics based on petroleum products.

“DEVI” cosmetics: A combination of science, tradition and nature

What are the core values DEVI cosmetics?

Its core values ​​are based on the wisdom of nature, herbal formulas, a combination of science and tradition, original recipes that basically carry cleanliness, strength and power.

What it is based on his philosophy?

In the best of nature – the highest quality preparations, without artificial hormones, preservatives and additives.

How is it DEVI portfolio? What can we find there?

A combination of the most modern pharmaceutical formulations (peptides, stem cells, hyaluronic mixtures) and centuries-old traditions (essential oils, natural fats).

What components they are based on DEVI formulations?

The story of the natural ingredients on which the formulations of this brand are based is as extensive and old as nature itself. You can find many articles about each of them on

What are the top selling products?

As an absolute favorite DEVI they stood out in the range DEVI regenerating balm, DEVI chest and décolleté gel and “rising star” – Devi BotoMix serum.

What are your plans for the future?

As for future plans, DEVI The brand closely monitors trends in foreign markets, providing them and their domestic customers with the latest in cosmetics based on natural ingredients, as well as the highest quality.

And in the end, DEVI Cosmetic tips for our readers …

Enjoy the natural course of your life and the beauties that come with it at all times, such as the most modern natural preparations you can promote. Devi BotoMix serum.


Devi cosmetics has prepared three gift packages for three readers.

Gift package 1: Devi Antiage Cream Hyaluron face and neck skin care + concentrated serum with hyaluronic acid Devi Hyalu

2 gift package: Devi Antiage Cream Peptide face and neck skin care + anti-aging serum with hyaluronic acid Devi Antiage

3rd gift package: Devi Antiage Cream Lipo-Vitamin face and neck skin care + concentrated serum Devi BOTOmix with peptides and hyaluronic acid

Find out more about the March 25 gift on our Instagram profile.


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