New coma collection: Return to Urban Life

We want to feel the pulse of the city that brings us back to city life.

We enjoy the freedom we have learned to value more than ever. We are primarily inspired by art, culture and social life. We build new relationships, create positive moments with friends, and take new paths. The Comma collection is therefore based on feminine and informal cuts that make us feel relaxed.

February is dedicated to reconnecting with our urban environment. The Comma brand brings together effective multi-layered outfits that represent you in an innovative and interesting way. The most important pieces in this collection are a sleeveless jacket, a poplin blouse, a spring knit dress and a long shirt dress. The combination of these outfits creates a confident and cosmopolitan style.

Lines and fresh prints and color palette attract the eye: in addition to black and white, two shades of blue and light brown predominate. Top innovators form a new urban look. The striking contrasts come from a blend of natural materials such as leather combined with faux leather and a smooth shiny finish.

At Koma, you can find shops at Beo Shopping Center and Ušće Shopping Center.

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