New Year’s makeup Four inspiring tips for you

New Year's Eve makeup

New Year’s Eve makeup needs special accessories: shine, sequins, zircons, pearls … “It’s the right time to show off their strength,” says makeup artist Marija Rakazović.

New Year’s Eve makeup: let it inspire you!

Highlight your eyes

If you like to highlight your eyes with eyeliner and make them look even more spectacular – in addition to the classic eyeliner – try the bold and bold version.

To draw a thick eyeliner (as in the photo), first apply a shadow base to the cover. Then wrap the cover with shadows, applying a lighter brown shade to the orbital arc and blending. Apply the bright champagne shade or lightener under the lower line of the eyebrow and at the inner edge of the eye. After these steps, continue drawing the eyeliner. Draw on the entire moving part of the eyelid, being careful not to cross the line of the orbital arc – let it be your limit. In addition, the thickness of the eyeliner, as with the classic version, should be gradually reduced from the center of the eye to its inner edge, where it should be the thinnest. Apply a beige eye liner on the bottom line. Place the lower lid (under the eyelashes) in a beige tone, and draw an eye liner from the inner edge of the eye (the tear duct) so that it is 2/3 of the eyelids “wide” (as in the photo). Apply mascara, and then apply artificial eyelashes. There are 3D eyelashes in the picture, and you can choose the ones that best fit your eye shape. Then draw and fill in the eyebrows. You can make your skin and contour look the way you normally do, depending on your natural skin and face shape. As for the lipstick, the importance that is placed on the eyes, I suggest offering tones.

To draw a graphic eyeliner, you need to prepare the cover as described in the previous example (shadow base + eyelid contour). You start by drawing the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes by drawing a classic eyeliner, then a line on the orbital arch, and connect it with the already drawn eyeliner. It is not always necessary to connect the top line with the bottom – it can be “open” at the inner edge of the eye, as shown in the following photos. Apply a black pencil or gel-eyeliner on the eye water line, place a black shadow under the lashes, and blend the edge of the black shadow with a lighter brown shade. Eyelashes, eyebrows, skin and contoured appearance, guide the shape of your face, eyes, natural skin. And round out this holiday story with red lips.

Additional tip: You can choose any colored eyeliner – it’s New Year’s Eve!

Shine / sequins

A new year without sequins is unthinkable, right ?! It is the perfect opportunity to show their strength, and it is up to you to decide which one to prioritize: gold, silver, bronze, green …

This look is based on warmer, more earthy tones combined with a copper-gold sheen. One refreshing detail is definitely the light blue pencil on the water’s eye line. Encourage yourself to get a green or turquoise pencil, and these colors will blend beautifully and add a special touch to your look. You can also combine these shades of shade with a green glow and a black pencil on the water line (as in the picture below).

Additional tip: If you decide to wear glitter makeup, in addition to the combination of clothes, pay attention to the jewelry you wear. In the previous photos, I was guided by this rule when choosing glitter.

In the image above, you have seen that the shine is not only “reserved” for the moving parts of the eyelids, it can also be carried on the lower eyelids. In addition, you can take them on the lips – now they shine and the many colors of the lips shine.

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Natural glam leuna makeup

If you are in favor of softer makeup and offer roses, this makeup look is perfect for you. To achieve this, it is necessary – as with any make-up – to keep the skin well cleansed and hydrated. Before applying the liquid, apply a primer to the face. In face-prone parts, apply a layer of fixed powder. It is necessary to make the contour as smooth as possible, without a sharp transition, so that the blush, lightener and bronze (which you can remove in this case) are smooth and natural. In addition, this rule applies to shadows. You can draw your eyes with a pencil in a warm, brown shade, while this is optional, while mascara is essential. If you want artificial eyelashes, choose individual and softer ones that look more natural. For lips, use a pencil and one of the lipsticks in nude shades, and apply gloss. Lastly, make sure that you fix the makeup with a fixative so that the creamy and powdery products can “stick together” and make the makeup look natural and airy.

Zirconia and pearls

If you only wear circus and pearls as fashion details, here’s how you can use them to create an effective makeup look …

To achieve this look, you will need pearls for your face and body, as well as a multi-gel gel that will stick to them. Follow the steps above to prepare the eyelid. Glue the lashes, or leave the place, and put it on the end. You can also do it at the beginning of the skin, or leave it at the end. Paste the pearls as you draw a graphic eyeliner. Pay attention to their size and the order in which you stick them. Use a beige pencil for the water line of the eye.

To achieve this appearance, the procedure is the same as in the previous example, except that the pearls are glued to the orbital arc, for example. cut the groove. Then draw an eyeliner and apply red lipstick.

Face and body circuses will be necessary for this look. You can also stick them with multiple gels. Mark the eye with an eyeliner that blends the shadows of the lower eyelids (use a light pink and soft brown shade). You can frame the eye with zircons, but let your imagination run wild and create the shape you want.

You can also combine circus with eyeliner.

In general – the choice is yours!


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