Olapex cakes are TikTok’s new hair trend, and here’s what it’s all about

Olapex cakes

Olapex cakes are a hair trend that has overwhelmed social media, and here’s what it’s all about.

One of the most popular hair products in the last year, you guessed it – Olaplex has certainly earned the title for all the benefits it gives to hair.

When it was discovered by TikTok users, this trend went one step further: Olaplex cakes. And it’s not about treating your hair with Olaplex the day before or washing it before going to the hair salon, it’s about wearing it all day before you wash it. The motivation for this idea is quite clear – deeply moisturize your hair by wearing fashionable hairstyles. But how effective is it if you wear it for so long?

Olapex cakes

As you put the mask on your hair and tie it on a bun, your hair retains heat better (a plastic bag on your head, which our mothers put on, has a similar effect). The heat opens up the hair follicles, which is why the product can penetrate better and deeper into the hair. However, it is not necessary to wear the product all day. It is enough to hold it in the hair for 20 minutes, several hours to get the most effect.

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If you want to try this method, you must first wash your hair regularly to remove all impurities and bacteria. Then apply Olaplex on the ends, as you would otherwise apply the conditioner. Although TikTok’s trends say that moisturizing your hair lightly with a spray is enough, experts recommend a thorough cleansing. After the first step, do a bun and let it stand while your hair is damaged. The last step is cleaning, and then you will see great results.

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