Chocolate trays are a new trend for foodies: a paradise for all chocolate drinkers!

Chocolate trays have become a new viral trend, and will especially be enjoyed by all chocolate lovers. Chocolate dishes, or rather delicious dishes, are a whole new trend! After the reef-shaped trays, which are Christmas-shaped but also classic (with dried meat and sausage), it’s time for fans of delicious pintxos. Chocolate trays This successful food … Read more

L&Z interlocutors reveal a skin care routine

Have you ever wondered what our skin care regimen is like? We are therefore determined to find out what the cosmetic rules are based on beauty trainers, dermatovenerologists and cosmetic medicine specialists. Beauty Expert Diaries – Morning to Evening … The key is consistency! Milica Jevtić, actress and Pro Beauty Trainer, Photo: Vladimir Miladinovic … Read more

5 treatments to protect against drying

Lip masks are a great way to give your lips everything they need in the winter: hydration, intensive care, protection from drying, cracking … First of all, let’s be clear: we don’t recommend replacing lip balm with a mask. Lip balms are a favorite cosmetic product in the cold of the year, and for good … Read more

Octopus hairstyles are the latest hair trend for 2022!

Octopus Hairstyles is just one of the most popular hairstyles in 2022, as announced by Pinterest. Although it seems like a new hair trend is emerging on the Internet every week, some of it is becoming more and more popular. Pinterest is anticipating slightly more rebellious hairstyles for this year, as well as sharper layers. … Read more