American sweets in a different way

Pumpkin pie vegan is our choice for today’s dessert, and here’s why! The American pumpkin pie is very different from the cakes we are used to in this area. Unlike the famous “pumpkin,” the American cake is made of plain skin, and the top is creamy. This cake was made in North America, where the … Read more

Beauty and health Why is niacinamide becoming more and more famous in the cosmetic scene?

As for the active ingredients in cosmetic preparations, until recently, niacinamide (a derivative of vitamin B3) was perceived as a complementary agent rather than a complementary agent. However, the situation is changing now! The popularity of niacinamide is constantly growing. Three years ago, this ingredient ranked third in the composition of anti-aging preparations from major … Read more

A nutritious and delicious meal in 15 minutes

Chicken and pineapple salads come with a flavor mix that leaves no text. Chicken is an excellent source of protein. Thus, there are many amino acids that build muscle and bone tissue. Therefore, it strengthens our muscles, which is especially important during the period of growth and development (preadolescence and adolescence). In addition, research has … Read more