How to deal with cold skin conditions?

Winter skin care also requires some corrections to previous habits to improve resistance to cold, wind … Winter care, as well as the prevention of dry skin and flakes, is a topic in cosmetic circles. The fight against winter, dry skin, goes beyond the application of a thicker moisturizer. And to avoid the above scenario, … Read more

Whole body skin care in 7 steps

Caring for full-body skin is important throughout the year, especially during the winter months, when the skin dries and suffers from bruising. The best way to keep our skin healthy is to take good care of it. However, we tend to pay less attention to the whole body and focus mainly on the skin of … Read more

5 habits for self-discipline that you can adopt

How can we be more disciplined, especially during the month of January, when we make New Year’s decisions, and we accept those that we rarely follow? Well, it’s not that hard … Self-discipline is a challenge in itself. Most of us have been late or lazy at some point. But research suggests that self-discipline is … Read more

All the health benefits of this diet

Early dinner has many health benefits, as all previous studies agree. An old saying goes, “Just have breakfast, share lunch with someone, and give dinner to the enemy.” And most of us are guided by the opposite “rules”. So most of the time, because of the busy schedule, we skip breakfast, eat something along the … Read more