5 bright eyeliner created for the holiday

Here are five eye-catching eyeliner and inspirational makeup ideas that will give you a glamorous stamp on your look. The shiny eyeliner perfectly matches the festive and festive atmosphere. Along with New Year’s biscuits and champagne, it’s the perfect holiday party option. This makeup product will allow you to feel the holiday shine and glamor … Read more

Get ready in minutes!

Here are some quick holiday hairstyles for those of you who don’t have much time … Some call this the most beautiful time of the year, and others the most stressful, and we don’t just think about work, the constant socialization and the intense party and the pressure to buy presents. And we think in … Read more

How do we really get them?

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions in early January. And how many of them do we get? Each of us thinks about turning the new leaf around, changing habits, changing behaviors, making decisions, and making changes before the old one ends or the new year begins. Sadly, though, few of us can be proud … Read more

Last minute ideas for holiday desserts

We don’t know about you guys, but it’s a very familiar feeling, almost literally from five to twelve, when we’re looking for holiday dessert ideas. The good news is that you can stop the search – we’ve selected seven great tips for you that will satisfy different tastes and diets … Whether or not you … Read more

Here’s what awaits us next year!

Fashion trends for 2022 bring us great ideas! Those who understand fashion would think that Covid-19 “killed” fashion once and for all. And to some extent they were right. This year’s spring, summer, fall, and winter were a creative mix of idiosyncratic attempts to meet what the post-pandemic world demanded. In this sense, many brands … Read more

How to shine immediately to welcome

Last minute make-up doesn’t have to be bad if you know a few tricks … First things first, make it your goal to make your New Year’s Eve 2022 last minute. Now if you decide to go to an event at the last minute, such as New Year’s Eve, we have a quick solution for … Read more

How to refresh your hair image?

Hair image is part of our identity, do you agree? And how long have you been “faithful” to a particular style / color? Maybe it’s time to think about change. Experts show off the newest and most flattering shades, as well as styles that are easy to design. Change the image of your hair! Change … Read more

Prestigious scholarships for the best young scientists

As for women in science, the world-renowned L’Oréal UNESCO program has rewarded our three young scientists. How can natural products become an alternative to available medications, what will be the batteries for the next generation, and how can artificial intelligence help doctors in medical diagnosis? They are looking for answers to these questions Marija Ivanov, … Read more