Perfect makeup in 10 minutes: Last minute makeup

Perfect makeup in 10 minutes

Perfect makeup in 10 minutes? Yes, you can get a beautiful look in a short time, and here’s how.

Many of us, especially in the morning, before we go to work, don’t have time to do full makeup. Most of the time, makeup needs foundation, primer, powder, lightener, blush, contour … In translation, a lot of time. And no one rarely has that luxury on weekdays.

However, it is possible to get the perfect look in a short time. Here’s how.

Perfect makeup in 10 minutes

Start with the eyes

Although many discuss whether to apply eye shadow first, then powder, or vice versa, it is true that it is more practical to start with the eyes. So even if the shadow powder falls on our cheeks, we can easily clean it off before applying the powder.

Use your fingers

When applying powder, use your hands instead of a sponge or brush. This way, you will be able to apply the foundation faster, which will stick better to the face. However, if you use a beauty sponge, use a damp sponge, not a dry one. This will make the powder easier and more durable.

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Multi-task products

In a quick makeup routine, these products save us a lot of time. For example, use a bronze shade, and instead of blush, use a lipstick that you can also apply on the lips.

Do not rush to fix mistakes

If it happens that you don’t apply eyeliner evenly or don’t stain your mascara, stop. You can only create a bigger problem in a hurry. Also, do not wash mascara and eyeliner products while they are wet, as they will stain. Wait until it dries, and use an ear stick to clean the parts you made wrong.

Take care of your skin

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Therefore, wash regularly and apply moisturizer. As such, she will appreciate it and will be the perfect makeup canvas.

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