Pieces of clothing worth investing in: a classic for life

Pieces of clothing worth investing in

Stylists show you what clothes are worth investing in.

Most of us tend to spend huge sums of money on certain clothes that we wear over and over again. Hand in hand, what makes us feel good in those moments sometimes ends up in the closet, “collecting dust”. Often, we’ve never put together some of these “shopping mania” results, you’ll agree.

We have decided that 2022 will be the year when we rationally spend our money on clothes. That’s why we consulted with stylists for an answer: which clothes are worth spending more money on? And here’s the answer!

Pieces of clothing worth investing in – top 5


Handbags and purses can enrich any outfit and change it completely. They are also very practical accessories. However, they need to be maintained for longer. Apply a special cream to the leather bags from time to time and do not overload the bag to prevent it from scratching. Store bags and purses in bed bags.


This basic outfit goes well with any style. The advice is to invest in a black blazer, which you can also wear with pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. A quality blazer can last forever.


Jewelry made of silver and gold is timeless, always modern and suitable for all styles. However, even in this case, it is important to keep your jewelry. Smooth and occasionally store in a jewelry box.


Classic coats are worn in winter, fall and early spring. Cheaper parts come out and get thinner and “fucked up” over time. Invest in a more expensive variant (black or camel hair color) and you will have a friend with clothes forever.

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Girls and women wear bras every day, all their lives. In addition to being durable, a good breast should also be comfortable. That’s why they’re a little more expensive and of better quality, and will last you longer.

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