Purple clothing has conquered social media this season

Purple clothes

Purple clothing is slowly becoming a priority in the fashion world.

Although red dominates the festive clothing combinations, we can now say for sure that another wonderful color has conquered the fashion world, especially Instagram!

Purple clothing is a hit of the season

If you’ve been browsing Instagram for the past few weeks, you’ll probably find great combinations of purple tones.

Namely, fashion agents dared to wear this color that looks sexy, sweet and bold at the same time. And best of all, there are plenty of options in these shades from knitted sweaters to bright dresses as well as stockings.

If you are brave and like strong colors, choose darker shades of more metallic purple, and if you want them less noticeable, there are light shades or beautiful pastel shades. Below we describe the pieces that enchanted us.

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Trainer: Tatjana Zoka
Source: ljepotaizdravlje.hr

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