Recent research casts a shadow over myths

coffee and health

Do coffee and heart health have anything to do with what? Here’s what scientists have to say!

Without a doubt, coffee is the most popular (if not the most) popular drink in the world. Mostly because it wakes us up, but also because of the same smell and what it symbolizes (morning peace, and reunion with others). In any case, coffee is part of our daily routine.

And even though it’s a natural energy boost, should you ask if coffee has any health benefits? Recent research has shed new light on this drink.

Coffee and heart health

A major study by the American College of Cardiology focused on the link between coffee and heart disease.

-Coffee makes the heart beat faster, so many people are worried that drinking this drink can make some heart disease worse.

In fact, according to leading research scientists, Peter Kistler, and it is believed that people with heart problems should not drink coffee. However, research has shown that drinking coffee daily does not disturb your heart health.

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The study found that people who drank coffee for 10 years a day had a lower risk of stroke and death from heart problems. They had two or three coffee drinkers lower risk of heart disease, heart failure, heart rhythm problems, and death in general. Furthermore, research points out that the amount of coffee cannot increase the risk of heart rhythm problems.

If you belong to a coffee-loving group, this is really great news for you.

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