S. Oliver has arrived in Belgrade!


The s.Oliver fashion brand has arrived in Belgrade in three main places: Delta cityŠC The estuary i Beo Center.

You may not have heard of Bernd Fryer’s name, but you’ve certainly heard the brand s.Oliver. As for the almost mythical stories that an individual creates a whole world out of nowhere, now 75-year-old Mr. Fryer would deserve a place on the celebrity list. The German, which opened its first store in 1969, measuring only 20 square meters, is one of the millions with more than 9,000 stores worldwide in the heart of the small town of Würzburg. That says a lot about the popularity of this brand.

And now the door s.Oliver stores are also opening in Belgrade.

A new shopping experience

s.Oliver it arrives in Serbia with a whole new concept of the store, which is a real turning point and takes the shopping experience to a new level. We encourage you to stop by and see for yourself what these actions are like.

And that’s not all: With the new collection, customers will receive a 20% discount and have prepared gift boxes for the first hundred consumers!

What s.Oliver stores are like

On March 17, 2022, the time finally came: a new world for the brand s.Oliver has opened its doors for the first time with styles and accessories for women, men and children in Serbia, with four shops in three locations, the largest of which is on the side. I will and covers an area of ​​650 square meters. Customers can expect the newly developed store concept, which makes the product the main protagonist. The generous designs of each store and the bright, warm colors give them the freedom to influence and inspire their collections. Attention is focused on detail and the presentation of the garment is noticeable: sophisticated and stunning combinations of casual, business and casual clothing in new types of models – they are realistic and show the full range of the brand.

Expect these lines

The new brand comes with lines s.Oliver i s.Oliver’s QS. Both lines have models that are suitable for both holidays and everyday life. What they have in common is that each of them has a fashion in their DNA.

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