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Teeth whitening tips

Careful teeth whitening tips should be taken into account because not all of them are effective or safe for our health.

Oral hygiene has not only an aesthetic but also a health function. And in addition to regular brushing, the use of floss and regular examinations in the middle of the dentist are also necessary. However, even when we do all of this because of genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle habits, we don’t have enough white teeth. Here teeth whitening occurs. But not all of them are safe for health.

Teeth whitening tips

When choosing teeth whitening products, you need to strengthen the enamel. Many of these preparations contain ingredients that cause gum retraction and tooth hypersensitivity.


Hydrogen is one of the most common methods of teeth whitening. However, research has shown that hydrogen penetrates deep into the enamel and breaks down proteins. This causes hypersensitivity of the teeth. Hydrogen can also cause imbalances in the mouth, and cause bad breath.

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Some exfoliating products contain chlorine. However, this ingredient can also affect the decomposition of enamel, which causes hypersensitivity to gums and teeth.


This ingredient is found in many teeth whitening products. There are also so-called kerosene lamps. However, it releases ingredients that have been shown to be carcinogenic.

And when you read all of this, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to whiten your teeth. The advice is to maintain regular dental hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. Your teeth are white and it is impossible to whiten them naturally and safely.

The advice is to not have shiny white teeth and pay attention to their health.

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