Sagittarius season is preparing for an exciting end-of-year entry!

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Sagittarius season begins today, and what will this playful sign bring us?

When November 21st came to light, we said goodbye to the confused, moving and mysterious Scorpio and entered a new era – the Sagittarius season. And what will this position of the Sun bring us?

Sagittarius season

The sun in astrology represents our ego, consciousness, identity, and what is happening here and now. The position of the sun affects everyone, no matter what zodiac sign you were born with. The position of the rest of the planets, the maps of the place of birth, and the sub-signs cannot diminish the influence of the Sun on each individual.

When the sun is on your personal sign, then you feel the best. You feel good about your skin, everything goes well for you and you will be yours. However, when that star is in any other sign, we tend to copy the features of that sign. For example, in the previous period, the Sun of Scorpio brought us a more realistic view of the world. But we also came into contact with the dark sides of our identities. In the Capricorn season, we will be more sensitive and focused.

And now, when the Sun enters Sagittarius, a positive, playful and stormy moon awaits. Deep connections with loved ones become a topic of interest to us. But also with them. In addition, there is also a desire to explore the world. The sun in this sign brings us to the need to connect with something greater than ourselves.

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We will take the necessary steps to learn to better understand the world around us. We will be aware of everything that is happening around us. In addition, we will have the courage to expand our horizons and change the way we think.

We will be more optimistic and have more self-confidence. We will focus on the bigger picture and we will not be petty. We will now have the opportunity to cultivate faith, hope, and vision. And gather everything on future plans.

During this time, try to think broadly, open up to new ideas, work, new people. Focus on more learning. Learn, read. Sagittarius tells us: do your best or give nothing away! Say yes and take a risk.

Use Sagittarius Season to expand your horizons, learn something new and start a fun, different and more positive time in life. The next wave of energy will give us a boost and is an ideal consequence of the old, and the beginning of the new year.

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