Sarah Jessica Parker is behind some designs

Carrie Bradshaw shoes

Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes have always been the center of attention, so it’s no surprise to talk about them again, as the series continues.

From the first sections Sex and the citybelow below And so on, the producers place importance on the costumes of the characters. Of course, the weirdest models have always been worn by Carrie Bradshaw, and the shoes are the ones she really knows.

So did Jessica Parker, who already has her own shoe line, decided to play with the models and get Kerry involved in designing the shoes she wears in the first season of the spinoff. And so on.

I didn’t want to use the series as a business opportunity. But when we started working on the sequel, we realized that it was necessary to complement Kerin’s outfit with accessories, Sara said.

That’s how he designed the actor, along with his collaborator George, the shoes, without using their brand.

Carrie Bradshaw shoes

He stated that he wanted to embed a modern twist on retro models and certainly did not disappoint the audience. And in fact, the mission was a success – it didn’t disappoint!

Sara has highlighted the importance of shoes in the original series, but also in the spinoff itself.

Shoes are an important part of the story and send a message. Carrie has a special relationship with shoes and they are an important part of her life. It was fun to design them, he concluded in the end.

What also pleased the loyal audience was the fact that stylist Molly Rogers kept some of her original series clothes and put them back in Kerry’s outfits. So, in addition to the famous blue shoes that Carrie wore to the Beast, we saw many other pieces, such as a white tulle skirt, a riveted belt …

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