Shorts for 2022 are slowly coming into vogue, and here’s how we can wear them

Shorts for 2022.

What kind of shorts are coming to us by 2022 and how can we combine them all, the stylists suggest below.

Dressing for spring can be a bit stressful. At one point we wear a sweater and jacket, and the next we remove all those layers. However, in this time of transition, we are always looking for practical clothing ideas.

And one of them is definitely the combination of shorts, a long-sleeved T-shirt, a shirt or a sweater. In other words, these combinations will warm us up enough, and at the same time, we will be very fashionable.

Shorts for 2022.

Princess Diana is looking for inspiration

In many fashion moments, Princess Diana was and continues to be a trend setter. We can freely say that the combination of shorts and a sweater was his trademark. Choose long shorts, printed t-shirts and slippers and wake up the princess inside you.


This way of dressing is definitely the easiest, because they gave us everything, and it’s up to us to train.

Extra layer

On colder days and when the sweater is not enough, add a blazer to the whole outfit. Practical and interesting at the same time.

Do it yourself

You will probably have at least a pair of jeans that have been broken for a long time. So why not make short bermuda shorts with them? Texas shorts go well with everyone, and are always in vogue.

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Experiment with shoes

Whether you choose sandals, shoes, ballet flats or boots, shorts can be perfect with any style.


Blazers generally give a more sophisticated, serious and feminine look to any outfit. The same goes for when we wear shorts and a blazer.

Warm up

When it’s cold, and it can be so, since spring is pretty unpredictable, that doesn’t mean we should give up our favorite shorts. With a skirt or sweater and long socks, you will look great.

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