Significant accessories for this season: details against a gloomy winter!

additional statements

Complementary statements are what always make us different, and here’s what stylists suggest for this winter season.

The details are definitely the last thing you think about at this time of year. Of course, it is more important that we all dress well, in the sense of being as warm as possible. But who says we can’t achieve everything? Here’s how to put one together for use with your winter wardrobe.

Additional statements for the winter of 2021.


High-heeled boots are all the rage this season. In addition to being impressive, they are practical because they do not slip and are suitable for snow. Choose unusual combinations or colors, such as dirty pink, yellow or orange, and refresh your winter look.


Big, dark bags are all the rage this season, and we’ve already written about that. In addition, the brightest possible colors are in vogue, so choose your favorite shade and boldly enter this winter.

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Hats and caps

Hats, hats, hats … everything is in fashion, and the goal is to make it as unusual as possible. Bold designs and bold colors will adorn our heads this winter.


In addition to wool, leather gloves are a timeless classic. And the colors? All shades of brown are supported, plus green is a hit this year!


Artificial or real, gemstones are the main winter accessory. Whether you choose earrings, bracelets or a necklace, one thing is for sure: you won’t go wrong!


Scarves and shawls are great fashion details. In addition to recovering clothing, they also have a practical task. And this season, stylists are proposing the most unusual designs possible.


Of course, we can’t go anywhere without masks. So when we need to dress them up, let them be a piece of clothing that will attract attention!

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