Single-layer makeup is a new dimension of the natural look we expected

Single layer makeup

Single-layer makeup dominates the world of beauty, and the application of makeup is simple and minimal to achieve the greatest natural effect.

Although it may seem like light and natural makeup, in fact this way of makeup has all the steps of contouring, but it is done at the same time. That is, we usually apply powder, concealer, bronze during the makeup routine, then blush, then lightener, with the mixture in between. However, in this case, we apply everything at once and gradually mix.

Single-layer makeup – step by step to get a natural look

The idea behind this way of makeup is to try not to stack the products on your face, but to apply them all at once.

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Products (powder, concealer, bronze, blush) should be creamy. Then we lightly apply the fixative, and then we start to blend from the lightest to the darkest product on the face (it moves with the concealer, then redness, then bronze, then contour). If necessary, apply more fixative makeup.

This way we avoid the “cakey look” and the makeup blends better with the face, and since you put all the products in the same layer, it’s a makeup that looks natural, even if it’s not all that. See how to get this look in the video below.

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