Solve the problem of brittle nails, color and sharp cuticles!


We have combined effective SOS solutions for each of these problems that ensure the perfect epilogue!



Cause: Dry, brittle nails need moisture. This problem can be caused by many factors, such as harsh hand soaps, aging, an unbalanced diet, poor gel enamel removal …

Protection plan: Take a gentle position with your nails. Experts recommend the use of soothing soaps, for example Pigeon cleansing cream liquid soap with gentle moisturizing ingredients and a quarter moisturizer that nourishes and hydrates the skin of the hands throughout the day. In addition, they recommend applying nail strengthening treatments. Our proposal: Deborah 7in1 Multi-Action Treatmenta multi-functional care formula that strengthens, strengthens, protects, smoothes, hydrates, accelerates growth and gives extra shine.


Cause: Small, white spots often appear after a nail injury, while jaundice can be a sign of infection, but also a result of prolonged wear on the nails. Brown and red stripes may be a cause for concern (e.g., melanoma or any irregularities under the nail).

Protection plan: Play safe! It should be looked at and evaluated by a brown, red, or any other dermatologist. White spots will grow. To even out the yellow tone, apply a light bulb at home. Our proposal: vegan Catrice nail whitening A basic layer of vitamin C and a fine, purple pigment that brightens the nails, helps with color uniformity and prepares them perfectly for applying colored varnishes.

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Cause: The myth is that cuticles should be cut regularly. They protect the surrounding skin and deeper nail structures. During the colder months, very dry air and heat inside can make your cuticle condition worse. Hand sanitizers, as well as nail removers, can remove natural oils from the skin, and sufficient hydration can exacerbate the problem.

Protection plan: Avoid “picking” cuticles, cutting them off and pushing them aggressively (if you already do, use a wooden stick instead of a metal tool). Apply moisturizing oil to your nails daily. Avon The AHA acidic cuticle repair cream helps to remove crumbs, cracks and dryness and prevents their appearance. When removing varnish, choose an acetone-free agent. Our proposal: To get rid of Naj Ole nails, enriched with precious vegetable oils with a nourishing and protective effect on the nail plate.


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