Spring and summer 2022 peaks: change the way you dress!

Crop cannons

The trimmed cannons have been a resounding success for several seasons, and here’s how to wear them this year.

This trend originally appeared in the 1990s and was popular until the mid-2000s. After a decade of peace, Generation Z is back! As we are accustomed to, the fashion world is cyclical, so this trend did not surprise us at all.

Nowadays, mop tops come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll know how we can all carry them, below.

Cut cannons for 2022.

With jeans

In fact, it was with this combination that the crop top was created. Jeans look like the perfect base for this outfit, and today the most popular combinations are deep waist jeans and a mop top.

High waist

Speaking of this clothing model, the toast fits perfectly with the skirt and high waist pants. And combined with high-heeled shoes, you will get the perfect and simple look for an evening out.

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The cropped black top can be combined in many ways, and the monochrome style has never betrayed.


The top with the design or inscription is perfect for quieter variations, and goes great with your favorite coach.


Poof sleeves are a hit this season, and these tops make the diva look great with no problems.


Jeans are always in vogue, so why not choose a cropped denim top? You can wear denim from head to toe or combine this material with other clothing.

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