Spring manicure has taken on a whole new dimension! Find inspiration!

spring manicure

This year’s spring manicure brings us real novelties and a great introduction to a playful summer.

Spring is a good time to experiment with nails, as it indicates that it is time to have fun in the nicer and sunnier weather. Whether you like classics and simplicity or expressive manicure is part of your style, it doesn’t matter. We have so many ideas this year that it will be difficult for us to decide on a single style. Here’s what it’s all about.

Spring manicure

Flower design

What reminds you of spring more than flowers? And floral motifs are very desirable this year when it comes to manicure.


Stickers and self-adhesive stickers are all the rage this season. And the design itself depends only on your personal preferences.

Metallic details

Metallic and gold details have a reputation for winter manicure, but even lighter shades are also desirable for spring.


Last year, we wore mostly cherries in accessories, and this year, we’re throwing these fruits on our nails.

Cake with changes

Pastel colors have been popular for a long time, and you can play around a bit this year. If you add a light blue or pink pigment or paint each nail a different color, everything is allowed!

3D nails

Following the example of world stars like Rihanna, give your nails a 3D dimension with the help of stones, jewelry and crystals.

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Highlighting the smooth shape and design is reserved for ladies who don’t like it very much. The advice is to choose an oval or almond shape with neutral colors. In addition, the “thin” French manicure is in circulation.

Abstract lines

This year’s spring design is full of abstract shapes and lines and the manicure only depends on your imagination. You can combine different shapes and / or colors.

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