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Eyebrow whitening

Eyebrow whitening is a trend that is still in the spotlight, and if you’ve decided to take that step, here’s a guide to getting lighter eyebrows.

Whether your goal is to whiten your eyebrows or whether you want to lighten them up, one or two shades, whitening your eyebrows is a trend that is becoming more and more present. And the good news is that you can do it yourself, at home. Here’s how.

Eyebrow Whitening- DIY Guide

Tools needed:

Old and clean makeup brush
Old mascara brush
Ear sticks


Before you officially start whitening, test your appearance to see if you like it. Apply concealer on the eyebrows to see how you will look with lighter eyebrows.

Now that you’re ready, try bleaching inside your elbow. If redness or rash occurs, you are allergic and do not use blai.


1 Wipe your face

Wipe your face with soap and wipe with a tonic. The skin should be clean, free of makeup and other preparations such as cream.

Note: If you painted your eyebrows the day before, do not use bleach. Wait until the paint is faded and clean.

2 Make a mixture

Mix bleach and activator in a clean bowl using a makeup brush. Then soak the mascara brush in the mixture and wash your eyebrows evenly distributing the mixture. Make sure that the mixture does not get into the eyes and immediately wash the excess that has fallen on the skin with cotton and water.

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3 Slowly and safely

Let the blah act for three minutes, then remove the mixture from the eyebrows with the help of cotton and water. If you are not satisfied with the shade, repeat the procedure. Hold the soaked eyebrows for another minute. Keep in mind that whitening your eyebrows is a slow process, but if you keep your eyebrows too long, your eyebrows may turn orange.

4 Maintenance

When you have peeled your eyebrows, treat them as before. When natural colored hair starts to appear, apply powder to hide it. helena babanova / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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