Straight ballet flats are back in fashion, and here are the models we will be wearing

ballet weights

After a few years, they have managed to bring straight ballet shots back into vogue, and here are the recommended models for 2022.

Since the first season of “Bridgertons” aired, we’ve noticed that all the ladies in the series carry the correct ballet weights. We don’t know about the popularity of the series, whether the heels were removed from the fashion list, or the practicality, but the truth is that ballet flats are back in the spotlight.

However, before we take our eyes off it, we notice that we will be wearing slightly different models this season. Once upon a time in the fashion world, ballet dresses were worn with miniskirts and lace stockings, just like in the original “TRachara” series, today we dress them in different ways.

Ballet pieces

These shoes are versatile and easy to adjust. Fashion designers recommend wearing skirts in midi, wide leg pants or petticoats.

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And when it comes to models, it’s a great option. Ballet flats made of eco-leather, brown shades and browns are recommended for ladies who do not like to attract attention. For those who want to experiment a bit, there are dancers with bright colors, unusual designs and striking details. Below, we present our favorites, which can serve as inspiration. Through Ernesto S. Ruscio / Stringer Getty Entertainment; Pascal Le Segretain / Staff through Getty Entertainment;

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