Summer capsule business attire: sustainable business style

Summer capsule business attire

The biggest problem for all women workers is what to wear to work, especially during the hot summer days. That’s why we present you the summer capsule business attire that will make it easier for you to choose every morning.

These ladies who are not lucky enough to wear uniforms sometimes find it very stressful to think about what to wear for work. It happens mostly in the summer, when the temperature is high, and we can’t go to work with shorts and t-shirts. That’s why the capsule mode of dressing can be of great benefit to us, and find out what it’s all about below.

Summer capsule business attire

We’ve already written about summer capsule clothing, but some of these tips aren’t possible when it comes to going to work. Before we give you any suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions, here are some of the benefits of clothing capsules.

  1. By simplifying the wardrobe, we only buy what we need, and so on we also save money.
  2. Thus, with less clothing, we get rid of stress when choosing a combination of clothes, and our wardrobe is more organized.
  3. Also, consciously or not, we become more sustainableand thus we protect our environment.
  4. The clean and elegant look we get from the capsule clothes elevates ours self confidence.

Now that we’ve shown you why you should try capsule clothing, we’ll walk you through tips on how to dress according to this practice.

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Midi gona

Midi skirts are a key piece of summer business clothing combinations. In addition to cotton or linen, you can also choose a satin skirt to make it look a little more elegant. Pencil midi skirts are also in vogue this year, so consider this option.


This outfit is timeless and makes every style look more business and stylish. Therefore, always have a jacket on hand when making work clothes. Blazers go well with skirts, dresses, jeans or trousers.

White T-shirt with sleeves

The most common white T-shirt is the perfect choice for business attire in the summer. Ideally it is removed with each garment and can be taken to work, but also to an important business meeting as well as a business lunch. It fits easily with ballet flats or sandals, skirts or pants.

Cut straight pants

It is the perfect piece of wardrobe capsules because it is comfortable, practical and easily adjustable. Whether you choose a color or a print, straight cut trousers are a great choice for summer business attire.


A light silk blouse immediately makes you look stylish without much effort. Neutral colors are the best choice, but you don’t have to follow this rule. When you choose a silk blouse with a more striking color or pattern, it will be easier to match the rest of the outfit with a close-fitting one-tone skirt, jeans or trousers.

Ballet dancers

The dancers have returned to the world of fashion through the big door, and for work, they have chosen more elegant models in more neutral colors.

Classic jeans

This jeans model goes well with almost any style, and depending on your personal style, choose deep waist jeans, “skinny” jeans or “my” jeans and adjust the rest of the outfit to your personal preferences.

Summer capsule business suit and midi dress

In addition to the midi skirt, a dress of this length is the perfect piece for making capsule clothes. With it, you can wear ballet flats or sandals and the whole look is ready in no time.


This year, the models of sandals are varied, so you can choose the ones with straps, in small heels or completely flat.

A bag for everyone

Choose a bag that matches each outfit. Choose classic patterns in bright colors, such as black, beige, or brown.


And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. A simple pair of links can change the whole look. In addition, the hanging chains are a simple base that changes the whole look.

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