Superhero is more than just a fashion brand

He's a superhero

It’s holiday season, choose something Superhero collections and become someone’s superhero. Here’s why …

Superhero it’s aboutThrough the online platform, you can make a charitable donation to the NURDOR – National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer and choose a gift – the clothes you want. Find out details is a new online donation platform that is the result of the company’s partnership Mastercard and charities Nurdor, It is another important digital channel through which the organization manages, in a sustainable and easy way, to raise funds for initiatives and activities to help treat and recover children with cancer.

Fashion brand with a humanitarian mission

Superhero The platform is specially designed fashion brand, as an important part of the new concept of donation. This fashion brand is only available in frames platforms that aim to create a whole new and sustainable way to raise funds to help small superheroes who are struggling to cure their illnesses in the long run.

Superhero a fashion brand needs to push people to a new culture of making donations and, especially among young people, to create a habit of helping others. He turns everyone who wears it into a superhero, as the donation money will go away immediately Nurdoru.

What does it look like Superhero pilot collection

Inspired by the popular street fashion brands, creative team The platform invented and created an attractive fashion brand, and unlike other brands of its kind, they will have an important mission: to turn what they wear into superheroes, they use their hearts instead of superpowers and thus help little superheroes.

he is a superhero

Pilot collection of the new fashion brand, which is only available today online store at, is correct street fashion. They are comfortable clothes, made of the highest quality cotton, modern cuts, various colors, made in Serbia. The collection features t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and simple, elegant prints. Superhero. It is designed for all generations and can be adapted to different styles of clothing. The first collection consists of a total of 11 items.

Superhero has the ambition to be a major and important fashion brand in the market. Already in 2022, it envisages interesting collaborations with local designers as a capsule collection. Like most fashion brands, it will have two basic collections: spring / summer and fall / winter.

he is a superhero

The first collection was made in a limited number, and the brand intends to maintain this concept in the future.

Superhero The platform and collection were maintained by many public figures, including Buč Kesidi, DJ Tijana T, hosts Zoran Kesić, Galeb Nikačević and Boško Jakovljević, basketball player Nataša Kovačević, rapper Mikri Maus (Prti Bee Gee), TKV and other street art a lot

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