The beauty of simplicity: a unique collection of “DOhome” porcelain

Line to the floor of the house DOetxea The label has been a flawless design model in this area for 20 years, and due to the presence of two lines of household items, Dragana Ognjenović is signing a unique porcelain collection with her initials.

DOetxea Dragana’s fashion emerged as a natural extension of the eponymous, after establishing the popularity of its fashion line. Years of work define uncompromising design and the quality of materials, be it clothing or, this time, porcelain.

DOetxea The porcelain collection has been carefully prepared, and Dragana has personally designed dishes, fruit bowls, serving bowls and coffee and tea cups. It is an emotional process in two actions: the first is his feelings while he shapes these perfect objects, and the second is the emotions of those who will use these objects.

No two pieces are the same, each made individually and hand-treated throughout the creation process, including crystals. The palette is also inspired by nature: the colors of natural wool, the colors of sand and the colors of cotton allow shapes and intentional flaws to be in the foreground, and the 24-carat gold detail confirms the longevity of this collection. .

The sets are modular, so it is not necessary to choose only one of the sets, but it is possible to combine the pieces according to your feeling. Each is different, but also compatible with the others, so it is possible to make a porcelain transcription of any sensibility.

The vessel is also given a lot of attention, so whether a miniature vessel is shipped for small jewelry or a large set, each of them is shipped with dedication.

The new collection of porcelain elements is the result of accepting the beauty of imperfection, the texture of the use of porcelain and the use of ceramics.

This ancient art has its roots in the wabi-sabi aesthetic, which allows for imperfection, permanence and simplicity in nature. The artist describes the process as an active meditation that helped him connect with the source of his inspiration.

Ceramic pieces are made in several disciplines: Of a kind,, Permanent collection,, Ready to ship,, Limited publication.

The edges are smooth but imperfect — reminiscent of the pages of a book once soaked in water — and the texture of the surface, like silk fabric, creates an impression of the elegant beauty of simplicity. The bottom is often flat as a board and unfinished so it doesn’t slip on the table.

Dragana Ognjenovic’s studio, which sells these items, with its sharp white walls and simple white shelves, marks its pastel porcelain plates. The delicate porcelain line is hand-glazed. It is done in small batches. Items such as custom nine-piece containers can be used equally to store jewelry and other items.

– I appreciate their natural beauty and the fact that each piece was handmade. It is sculptural, but functional. The idea is to use and use sculpture in everyday life, and when it is stored, to enjoy its sculpture, says Dragana.

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