The best and worst colors and choices

Dyeing thin hair

Dyeing thin hair can turn a hairstyle into a real masterpiece, but it can also become a nightmare. This is why it is important to choose the right color.

Hair has always been a symbol of personal style, and colors, hairstyles, or styles show the character of the individual. However, regardless of our personal preferences, education and professional counseling can make a big difference. And this is especially true for thin hair.

If you have thin hair and want to change the color, find out below which shades hair stylists recommend and which ones you should avoid in a wide arc.

Dyeing thin hair and choosing the right color

Dimension and volume

When choosing a color, the first thing everyone thinks about is how we will maintain it. Therefore, it is advisable not to dye your entire hair in the same shade. Instead, choose strands to create more dimensions in your hair. Therefore, the hairstyle will be thicker.

When decorating, always choose a side part or a zigzag part, instead of cutting the hair in half. The deep lateral division gives the illusion of density.

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The shadow of the root

Shedding is best for thin hair, because the contrast of colors gives the illusion of density. Add a darker color when dyeing the hair roots.

Strategic lines

Faces that mark the face, thin lights and balalaika are perfect options for people with thin hair.

Easy-to-maintain paints

Instead of going to extremes (for example, from blue to red), stick to the shades that best suit your natural hair color. Avoid dark, black and red tones, as they emphasize thin hair and can act as if they were stamps.

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