The Carrie Bradshaw outfits we’ll be wearing during 2022: Some things are timeless

Costumes Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits have certainly made a big impact on us, both in all seasons of the series and throughout the two films. And what will be the trends next season?

They’re all about watching the “Sex and the City” TV series, and many of us have decided to remember the beginnings. Looking back on previous seasons, we noticed that some of the celebrity costumes of the main character are still very modern, even though the series was filmed from 1998 to 2004. It’s time to see what Carrie wore 17 years ago, and it’s still IN !!

Outdated Carrie Bradshaw outfits

Thus, Gen Z

Incompatible combination – this is how we can describe the style of the Z generation. And Carrie did it many times before! Unusual deep boots, hair and dresses – enough to shine on the streets of New York!

Floral patterns

This print will not be out of fashion next spring or summer.

Talking about flowers

Carrie wouldn’t be Carrie if she hadn’t chosen a little curiosity. Unusual details are like IN, whatever.

Like a princess

Tulle dresses, especially unusual colors, are still popular. With a jacket and a strapless T-shirt, the outfit looks great without much effort.

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Black dress

We don’t need to expand a lot, everything is clear here. It’s a good old classic …

Shirt and jeans

Clothing is a simple but effective combination that still has a “pass”.

Wool and warm

Wool sweaters are an essential ingredient in any fall and winter outfit and Carrie knew it well!

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