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In the text below we will explain which leather jackets we will wear in the autumn …

When chosen wisely, durable leaf pieces like leather jackets can last for years. With all this, a leather jacket is great with any clothing combination. Below, we’ll show you which leather jackets we’ll be wearing this fall season.

Which leather jacket will we wear this fall

Classic “motorcycle” leather jacket

If you want to have a leather jacket, choose a classic motorcycle jacket. Founded in 1928, this jacket with a metal zipper hasn’t changed much. The best part is that this classic will last forever, and no matter what change in style and way of dressing, it will always be in fashion.

Short leather jacket

This stylish jacket is suitable for women of all types and heights. With military details and a bright black finish, it can be used in both day and evening variants. And you will always look stylish!

Leather coat

If you prefer longer coats and jackets, choose a leather coat with a belt. In addition to perfectly emphasizing your figure, it is also ideal with shoes, boots or slippers.

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Useful leather jacket

Minimalism is always IN, especially when it comes to leather jackets.

No necks

These jackets aren’t for everyone, but if you decide on that option, you won’t go wrong!

High leather jacket

As are oversized sweaters, pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts, so are leather jackets. “The bigger the better” is the motto of this fall.


As well as being a chic and modern leather jacket combined with wool, it is practical and keeps you warm on cold autumn days.

Brown leather jacket

In addition to the classic black that has always been in vogue, the color brown has been very popular for several seasons, especially when it comes to leather garments.

Completely different

In addition to the brown leather jackets, they are very popular, giving the whole look a unique finish. And they hold your breath!

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