The conjunction of Mars and Venus 2022: an exciting period of love is coming!

The conjunction of Mars and Venus 2022

In 2022 the conjunction of Mars and Venus leads to an incompatible fusion, and as the two planets play important roles in love, we expect a real fireworks display.

The encounter between Mars and Venus in the sky never goes unnoticed, as both planets affect our love life. While Mars brings masculine energy, accompanied by passion, sexuality and longing. Smooth Venus brings beauty and magnetic attraction. That is why the union of these two planets is a real collision of the worlds.

The conjunction of Mars and Venus 2022

This meeting is held annually and usually lasts for ten days. But this time, as Venus moves slower, the effects will be much longer and more intense.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the god Mars and the goddess Venus were in forbidden love. However, their appeal was undeniable. That’s why we can expect a lot of fun, but also a lot of emotion and passion. We will be ready to give our whole heart, we will go for everything or anything.

With all of this, this conjunction is happening in Aquarius, which means that we will be more creative in love and ready to experiment. We will focus on love and sex, but at the same time we will learn about our behavior and emotions.

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This period of reflection is guided by the intellectual parts of our identity. We will think of old patterns of behavior in love, regardless of whether we are in a relationship or not. Aquarius frees us from the clutches of the past and makes us think. We may ask ourselves what we really want in a relationship, and the answer may be different from what we expect.

Some will focus on changes in the situation, others will be more inventive in the bedroom.

However, this is the time to learn more about depth and love and sexual relationships and energy. Although Mars and Venus are not on the same level, they will take us together until May. We will be more open and welcome all that love brings and offers.

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