The Frajle once again released a hit that gave women their pub song

The Frajle

Ideal for listening on the weekends: The Frajle and Tambourines!

Only one Tambourines, a passionate song dedicated to love and betrayal, it can probably be best described as a pub song for women. Here are some details that might be of interest to you before you listen.

Frajl released a song to cry, laugh and sing

The performances that requested tickets this summer further confirmed that Natasa Mihajlovic, Nevena and Jelena Buca are still one of the biggest music sensations in the region. This is evidenced by the new songs – Tambourines. Music and lyrics Tambourine Signed by Jelena Bučak and Vladimir Uzelac, and adapted by Vojislav Aralica. Fantastic interpretation of Nevena, Jelena and Natasha or men
it will not leave you indifferent.

Play our song, we are here in the same place “, They sing Frajle out loud for all the “treacherous souls” who can sit at the same table when they hear that Frajle is part of this tour.

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But wait to hear the other verses. Well-known women in Novi Sad say that “not all of our songs have been sung yet,” and Tambourines just a suggestion of what they can’t wait to share with the audience. What’s more, The Frajle has once again released a hit that we’ll be playing
laugh, cry, sing and rejoice.


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