The full moon of Leo is romantic and dramatic: a quick walk awaits us!

The full moon in Leo

The full moon of Leo has brought us to a time when we want to begin, redefine, or end our love affair.

If you’ve noticed that your love life is going slowly and quietly in early 2022, you’re not alone. This year it started with Venus, the planet of love, which went backwards. And so it brought us some difficulties. However, at the end of January, he returned to a direct position. Also, a whole new era has begun with the full moon in the sign of Leon.

The full moon in Leo

A few days after Valentine’s Day, our satellite entered Leo’s sign and thus brought to the forefront of all our desires, feelings, and needs, in terms of love. In general, when the Moon is full, it always brings us new opportunities, but also drastic changes. The full moon puts an end to some projects, old and / or current loves, and allows us to get rid of everything we don’t like.

And when the Moon is in Leo, a fun, powerful, safe, and warm sign that governs the house of love and self-expression, it’s clear why this aspect will be emphasized at this time.

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The Moon is in the opposite position to the Sun, which is in the sign of Aquarius. And that will make us think about the balance between good and what we want.

The main planetary action currently taking place around the full moon Leon is the conjunction of Venus and Mars, the planets of sex, energy, and action. These planets were the last time they met last year, which began a cycle of expression of luxury, self-confidence and feelings.

What is happening in the sky will trigger some unfortunate events. We will feel more eager to say what we feel. The Full Moon in Leo encourages us to listen to our inner voice and to understand what we are capable of. And the whole of February will be spent in that atmosphere.

So don’t be surprised if you’re more open about emotions. Also, don’t be surprised if people around you start talking about emotions. It’s also a great time to listen to your inner voice. And depending on that, enrich your love life or end an unstable relationship. There are drastic changes, but keep in mind that the radical changes in this case are really good for you. Ksenija Purpisa / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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