The importance of subtitles in the birth chart: how much does ascending determine us?

The importance of sub-signs on the birth chart

The importance of subtitles in the birth chart is much greater than we thought …

What is the first impression we leave? Ascending, that is, underlining, is responsible for how others, in the “first ball,” know us. Also, the subtitle determines our appearance, habits, spontaneity and naturalness. And here’s what each ascendant means.

The importance of sub-signs on the birth chart


People who subscribe to Aries are fast, straightforward, and incredibly competitive. They have no patience with slow people. They have a short fuse, but they are not angry. They are incredibly independent.


The greatest hedonism in the zodiac, Taurus, affects people with this uplift equally. They are open and communicative, but difficult in nature. They can be aggressive and violent. Decisive, patient and persistent. And a favorite in society.


At the Gemini hometown board, you have a quick and sharp mind. Communication is very important to you and you are very talkative. You are curious and funny, charming and wrinkled.


Emotions and feelings play a big role in your life. You are very defensive and most of the time you retire at the first signs of rejection. You look at the family, you are possessive and you are not so easily forgotten.


You have a strong character, you are very popular in society and charming. You are generous, loud and like to attract attention. Often, without you, the fun can’t be passed on and everyone likes to be in your company.


You are self-critical and often too strict with yourself. You are conservative, touchy and humble. You have a tendency to perfectionism and think too much about every detail. You are fair and honest.

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Try to achieve balance and harmony. You are very sensitive and unstable. You don’t like to get out of your comfort zone. You make friends easily, you are gentle and friendly. You like to live on high legs.


You are powerful, mysterious and lively. You’re suspicious and you don’t trust everyone. You are successful in many jobs and you can easily achieve the goals you want. You are very focused and determined.


You have a great need for freedom and independence. You love to travel and you are always ready for new adventures. You like to meet new, cheerful and enthusiastic people and you are surrounded by friends like that. You are impatient and impulsive.


You are serious, melancholy and lonely. You have been careful both at work and in love. You are ambitious, focused on career, status and wealth. You’re passionate, even if you don’t show it to everyone.


You are tolerant and gentle but distant. You love people. You’re afraid of intimacy and you don’t like everyone getting too close to you. You have a broad understanding, you are optimistic, energetic and intelligent.


You agree with all sorts of people and you are calm. You are sober, gentle and rarely aggressive. You are an idealist, you believe in the best in people and you often refuse to see reality.

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