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The reasons why these brave women change their hairstyles or hair color (or even through these changes!), As well as what all these transformations have brought about, both personally and professionally.
Trainer: Nadežda Jokić

Hair transformations as agents of change

Minja Cvetković, photographer and model: HAIR IS MY CANVAS!

My first experience with painting was for a small graduation, since I started experimenting with colors. The real madness came after I finished my studies, when I dyed my head green – since then I change my hair color a few months, sometimes I do it several times a month. My hairstyle is part of my visual identity. For me, it’s an expression, one of the small sources of my happiness and self-confidence, even though it’s often stressful. A test case for experimentation, a solution to many problems, but also a source of some obstacles. The women in my family also tend to experiment with hair, so we understand each other perfectly. For many, when they see my mother, it’s completely clear when I’m there. I admit, sometimes I can abuse it, but everyone is used to it already. As for my Instagram audience, it responds brilliantly to the more unusual. The most important thing for me is that no matter what the change, I feel ‘mine’ at all times, and it’s better for me to have more unusual dark colors. Whether it’s a breakup, falling in love, boredom, or just a desire for change, hair is always the first thing that “suffers”. I often don’t even get to go to the hairdresser, but I get to the first whitening that falls under my arm, paint and brush and – I hope for the best. When I was a young woman, I often heard comments that only insecure people constantly change their colors and hairstyles, and thus heal their personal frustrations, but I never found myself in that. My body and hair are just a canvas. I like to paint; there is no deeper philosophy here. I never changed anything about myself because of work – unless I felt the need for it myself. But the fact is that the whole picture has opened a lot of doors for me. Some thought that everything would pass me by, that I would calm down with age. But here and in the early thirties nothing changes. On the contrary, preferring this unusual style gives me better and more confidence.

Jovana Krneta, artist and model: SHORT HAIR GIVES A NEW BEGINNING When I was in Tokyo for two months for work, the idea of ​​cutting off my head came to my mind. The reason for the flight to another country was my first fashion week in New York. I think these two goals influenced me to get to know myself better, but also to spark a desire for change. In addition, they gave me a feeling of freedom, which I knew from the inside out and that’s why I decided to listen to my inner voice. It is simply perceived when a decision is right. Of course, I reported my idea to the agencies – J’s Management Serbian, as well as the then New York agency. They were excited and helped me. With the new hairstyle, liberating, brave and – I feel mine. I can freely say – never better! This change affected the development of my career, and therefore my complete inner satisfaction. It’s a wonderful feeling when you listen to yourself carefully and let your instincts drive you, and at the same time notice others and “reward” you in a certain way. And I see myself with short hair in the near future. However, I am excited at the thought of letting my hair grow back. It will be a long and interesting process. When the time comes for this, I will see my hair change and I will be able to play with it. Then I’ll probably let it grow to my ass. I used to go to the hairdresser every two weeks, but soon I bought a haircut and started shaving my head. Now it’s like a fresh start every other week!

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Singer Saška Janković: I CAN’T BE BENTICOS! My hair changes started when I enrolled in college — first with the ends of the cyclamen, then with the blue threads, then with the purple-brown, and I wanted to be red at the age of twenty-two, and that’s why I met her in First Voice. Serbian competition. After that, there were different phases. My hair was pastel pink, apricot colored and bright bikes, then purple, sherpa blue, gray … This year I went back to bright pink shades because I love them, but I let my Instagram followers decide which edition they want. see me. To my surprise, 70% of them voted blonde, so now I’ve fulfilled their wishes and I don’t think I’ll bother my hair with bright colors any more. Luckily, hairdresser Jovana Gajić Yosie has been taking care of my hair for over ten years, which is why I have never been afraid of change. She’s a top expert, and every time I came up with a “crazy” idea, she would explain to me “what I can / can’t do” to preserve the quality of my hair. Fortunately, there are many and they are compact. People around me react well to each of my changes because they know that monotony is not inherent. However, I’m not burdened with reaction: I do what I want, and I can’t do it without authenticity. I think everyone should be their own no matter what they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt people or anything around them. Usually, women’s inner changes appear with a change in hairstyle or hair color. Sometimes it was my case, but most of the time I was eager for change behind every transformation – because of a new project, an effort to deal with boredom (saturation with a certain color).


When I officially left the fashion agency, I started experimenting with hair. I always wanted to play with colors, but — unfortunately — the clause in the contract with the agency did not allow me to do that. Luckily, at the right time, I met my current hairdresser – and friend – Dalibor Vrtina, who just wanted a client who could pull out all her unusual hairstyles and could get them out. Dalibor and I got to know each other because of the bold changes I presented, while people were curiously waiting for our next step. People in my immediate area soon realized that, in my case, a certain shade and length of hair could not last long. And all of these changes were and continue to be the easiest way to escape from monotony and transform. As for “ordinary” hair colors, I’m no longer sure what falls into that category. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t going to be purple again, and yet I did. It is easier to maintain brown hair and does not require much makeup. From my own experience, I can say that Belgrade is still a city where people pay too much attention to their physical appearance and like to comment on others. In New York, London, Tokyo, you can have green or purple hair without anyone looking at you. As for my hair and its different phases, the Louis Vuitton prints have attracted the most views so far.

FROM THE EXPERT POINT: Hairdresser Nevena Lazić has revealed to us what moves a woman the most to change her hairstyle or hair color.

How many times do women decide to change their hair image?
There are women who are prone to frequent changes in color, hairstyle, hair length and sudden changes, even those who are not. I work on listening to all of the client’s wishes and fulfilling their expectations. However, sometimes I am the initiator of change. Of course, I always make sure it’s something that the customer can get out of it.

Does changing hairstyles often have a deeper precedent – changes in private life?
It is commonly believed that behind a hairstyle change there is usually a certain change on a psychological level. The reason for the change can also be practicality, a new trend, sometimes a woman likes another woman’s color / hairstyle, so she wants to … That’s why we can’t generalize things and say that every hairstyle change has deeper psychological roots. Change must be the driving force for a woman. That’s my work slogan too!

What is the tendency of our women to make more drastic changes and experiments? In that case, are one’s own desires or tendencies driven?

Our women follow trends that are in line with the world, especially thanks to social networks that have allowed us to follow popular brands of hair care, coloring and styling. It is an individual account of what a woman will dare to change. Certainly, the most important thing is to adapt the new color or hairstyle to the person’s character, as well as to adapt the trends to one’s wishes. Liountmila Korelidou / iStock via Getty Images, Cuneyt Ozbilen, Vlada Maraj, Danilo and Sharon Studio

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