The makeup look of the 60s came back to the fashion scene stronger than ever!

The look of 60s makeup

The makeup look of the 60s is becoming more and more popular, both among trend-setters and among us, the “ordinary mortals”. And here’s what it’s all about.

You may not have been born in the 60s, but if you ask me, they were one of the best times ever. In the sixties miniskirts were born, people fought for independence, the Beatles burned and burned, and women felt more and more free.

And that’s why we’re not worried at all about going back to the 60s, especially when it comes to the way makeup is prevalent this season.

The look of 60s makeup

This retrospective has never disappeared from the scene for some reason, but it has come back to life and is more popular than ever.

Even in catwalks at many fashion houses in the 2022 season, we saw the return of the eye liner of the style that was then applied and the volume hairstyles that leave a mark of beauty.

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The first person that comes to mind when we think of pop icons that stylistically respect this era is Ariana Grande, in her make-up and hairstyle in elegant editions that represent the 50s, 60s and 70s. And it is precisely the look on the cover of the album that has returned to the big door today.

It is a darker line in the fold of the eye, and is filled with a lighter color of the rest of the eyelids, which is called. cut the groove. Nowadays, of course, there are changes to this look with sequins and similar accessories, but the point is to open your eyes even more with this technique and use a good mascara for volume and length.

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